Sultan Abdul Hamid II

Published on March 13, 2022
By The Islam Shop
Sultan hejazrailway railway Palestine Islamic World Hijaz Ottoman Sultanabdulhamid Turkey Caliphate Hejaz Empire

Photo by <a href="">Mert Kahveci</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Photo by Mert Kahveci on Unsplash

Sultan Abdul Hamid II was the last of the great sultans. He came on the stage of history at a time when the empire was bankrupt and could not defend itself against its many enemies. In the face of aggression from without and sabotage from within, hammered by forces of nationalism and weakened by internal sabotage from some of the millets, he waged a valiant battle to preserve what was left of the once mighty empire. In this effort, he was partially successful, preserving its Islamic core for forty years and keeping the empire out of a major war for as long. But his methods and the internal tensions built up by the very modernization processes he had fostered, finally did him in.

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The Conquest of Constantinople

Published on September 1, 2020
By The Islam Shop
Ottoman Turkey Sultan Fatih Caliphate Empire Uthamni Istanbul

Photo by <a href="">Zen zeee</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Photo by Zen zeee on Unsplash

Constantinople, or Istanbul as it is known today, is a unique city as far as history and location is concerned. Historically, it was the capital of the Roman Empire for eleven centuries and its culture dominated the whole world. The principle church of Eastern Christianity was situated here. Its pivotal political and religious position caused the entire Christian World to rally to its defense at times of conflict. Geographically, it has a natural harbour bordered by the ocean on three sides and it is the only city in the world which is considered to be both in Europe and Asia. The straits of Bosphorus divide the city into two, with one end merging into the black sea, and the other into the Sea of Marmara. A tiny branch of the Bosphorus to the west forms the ‘Golden Horn’, which is the only entry into the city.

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The Hejaz Railway and Sultan AbdulHamid II

Published on April 16, 2020
By The Islam Shop
Medinah Islamic World Mecca Umrah Hijaz Ottoman Train Hejaz Hajj Abdul Hamid

Built upon the order of Ottoman ruler Sultan Abdulhamid II, the Hejaz Railway provided a modern means to transport pilgrims to Mecca and Medina by replacing old camel caravans as well as served to strengthen relations in the Islamic world.”

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Khairuddin Barbarossa

Published on June 30, 2019
By The Islam Shop

Picture taken from

Picture taken from

The great Ottoman Empire which wielded considerable military and political power during the 14-17 centuries A.C., was supreme in the three known continents-Europe, Asia and Africa. Its vast dominions which included the major parts of South-Eastern Europe, West Asia and North Africa, stretched from the gates of Vienna in the West to the wall of China in the East and from Ukraine (USSR) in the North to the source of the Nile in the South. The Turks were the masters of both land and sea. Their invincible armies stormed the capitals of Hungary and Austria, while their navy commanded by Barbarossa,chased the Genoese and Spanish fleets in the Mediterranean. The Muslims had mainly been a land power.

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