Ibn Al - Baitar Doctor of Natural Medicine Scientific Series


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Ibn Al - Baitar Doctor of Natural Medicine

Ibn Al – Baitar dedicated his life to finding the cures in plants and natural medicine.

The Amazing man discovered over 300 kinds of plants that could be made into medicine.

He Is so respected in his field they called him “Doctor of Natural Madicine”

About The Muslim Scientist Series

The Muslim Scientist series aims to introduce young readers some of the famous Muslim scientist, scholars & adventures who discovered and invented many things that we use today for granted.

It is our hope that young children will be inspired by these amazing people and be encouraged to pursue their own path of discovery and questioning. It all starts with the passion of learning.

  • Author: Ahmed Iman
  • Publisher: Ali Gator
  • Binding Paper Back
  • Pages: 24
  • ISBN: 9781921772399


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