Sleeping Beauty: An Islamic Tale

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Sleeping Beauty: An Islamic Tale

After Princess Mariam is poisoned by a hijab pin her husband Haris must journey to Makkah to find a cure.

Praise for other publications in the Islamic Fairy Tales series:

"Simple, colorful illustrations enhance this lovely recreation of a cherished fairy tale. . . . Cinderella: An Islamic Tale is highly recommended especially for children's public library multicultural picture book collections."—The Midwest Book Review

"In this version, the heroine is pious as well as pretty. . . . The full-color watercolors, with some Anatolian details in clothing and household goods, are attractive."—Kirkus Reviews, on Snow White: An Islamic Tale

After the wicked Count Lahab promises to crush the young princess Mariam at her aqiqah, she is hidden within the king's castle.

Many peaceful years pass, but, upon news of Mariam's wedding, they come to a piercing end. Count Lahab finds a way to deceive the castle and present her with a beautiful hijab pin, covered in poison, that leaves her in a deep, unbreakable sleep.

After potions and prayers have no effect her husband, Haris is told to go on a perilous journey to Makkah to pray for her recovery and bring back zam zam water for her to drink. But, faced by Count Lahab and his outlaws, what does his destiny hold

Reviews by Customers

"An intriguing, fun story"Umm Salihah,

“My kids were up and alert listening to this action-packed tale. My boys were truly captivated with Haris’s heroic feats and were holding their breath till the very end. I used this book for our book club audience because it tends to truly entrance the listeners. For me, I was yet again holding back tears with the words of this spell-binding author. This book (which is personally my fave in the series by Fawzia Gilani) will certainly give you goosebumps. The book builds faith in its readers without being plainly repetitive or preachy. My children did mention that the illustrations of the characters varied from page to page at times and I do feel they could have been better. I still gave this book a 5/5 because they were numerous plus points and my kids still wanted it read to them all over again.

Umm Salihah,

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About The Author

Fawzia Gilani has worked as a teacher, librarian, and school principal in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada since 1993. She is the author of thirty children's books, mostly on the topic of Eid. She also works as an educational consultant and is currently based in Qatar.

Currently studying children's Islamic Literature at University, she also works as an educational consultant. Although based in the UK, she spends her time living between Ohio and England with her husband and daughter.

Additional Product Information

  • ISBN13: 9780860375975
  • ISBN10: 0860375978
  • Pages: 40
  • Imprint: The Islamic Foundation
  • Publisher: Kube Publishing Ltd
  • Publication Date: 04-06-2018
  • Trim Size: 10.0 x 9.3 inches
  • Formats: Hardback
  • Weight: 350g
  • Author: Fawzia: Gillani Williams
  • Illustrated By: Jacqui Davis


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