Yah Fatah Bookmarker With a Tassel

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Yah Fatah Bookmarker With a Tassel

Laminated Al Fatah Quran Markers with Gold tassel

Linguistic Meaning of Al Fatah

The word for "Fattah" comes from the root word fataha (فتح). Fataha means to open, grant, explain, disclose, to make victorious or let out. The name of first surah of the Quran, al-Fatiha, is based on this same root, and is generally translated as The Opener, or The Opening. The Arabic word miftâhî, translated as key, means that which opens or unlocks, is also based on this same root.

Deeper Meaning

Imam Al Ghazali translates Al Fattah as "He Who Opens all things". He goes on to explain that "He is the One by Whose Concern everything that is closed is opened, and (The One) by Whose guidance everything that is obscure is made manifest. At times He causes kingdoms to be opened (i.e, conquered) for His prophets, and He takes them out of the hands of His enemies..." Imam Al Ghazzali then quotes a few verses from the Quran to elaborate on this meaning. For example, he uses verse 48:1, "Lo! We have given thee, (O Muhammad), a signal victory (literally, opening)..." It is interesting to note that Imam Al Ghazzali chose to say that Allah causes kingdoms to be opened (i.e., conquered) for His prophets. The first ayat of Surah An-Nasr states: "When there comes the Help of Allah and the 'fat-ha'", which some have translated into victory.


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