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Kalonji (Black Seed) Active Rub Balm

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Kalonji (Black Seed)  Active Rub Balm

Introducing our revolutionary Kalonji (Black Seed) Active Rub Balm, your ultimate solution for holistic wellness! Crafted with meticulous care and infused with the potent essence of black seeds, this balm is your go-to remedy for aches, pains, and overall rejuvenation.

Harnessing the ancient healing power of Kalonji, also known as black seed, our balm is formulated to provide soothing relief to tired muscles, joints, and nerves. Whether you're an athlete pushing your limits or someone seeking relief from everyday discomforts, our Active Rub Balm is your trusted companion on the path to wellness.

Enriched with natural ingredients and free from harmful chemicals, our balm offers a safe and effective way to address discomforts without any unwanted side effects. Its fast-absorbing formula penetrates deep into the skin, delivering quick relief precisely where you need it most.

But the benefits don't stop there. Our Kalonji Active Rub Balm is also infused with essential oils known for their calming and invigorating properties, promoting a sense of relaxation and vitality with every application. Say goodbye to stress and tension as you indulge in the soothing aroma and comforting warmth of our balm.

Experience the transformative power of Kalonji with our Active Rub Balm and unlock a world of wellness like never before. Trust in the ancient wisdom of black seed and let our balm be your partner in health and vitality.

Don't let discomfort hold you back. Embrace the power of nature with our Kalonji Active Rub Balm and take the first step towards a happier, healthier you. Order now and discover the difference for yourself!

About The Manufacturer

Al Khair Premium Natural Products

Al Khair stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of natural products, meticulously crafted to elevate both physical health and spiritual well-being. For over two decades, Al Khair has dedicated itself to sourcing, refining, and presenting these treasures of nature with unparalleled quality and innovation.

At the heart of Al Khair's mission is a commitment to providing humanity with a lifestyle imbued with health and meaning. This dedication is evident in every facet of their operation, from the careful selection of raw materials to the meticulous production process and the final presentation of products that bear the hallmark of Al Khair quality.

Their vision is guided by principles of quality, integrity, honesty, commitment, and benevolence, shaping every interaction and decision. This ethos has propelled Al Khair's premium natural products to the forefront of international markets, winning acclaim in over 30 countries across five continents.

Central to their philosophy is a profound belief in the beneficence of the Creator, Allah, driving them to honor their responsibilities to both their Creator and their stakeholders. As they continue to expand globally, Al Khair seeks partnerships with businesses that share their commitment to excellence and their vision of promoting wellness worldwide.

Discover the transformative power of Al Khair's products and embark on a journey towards holistic well-being and spiritual enrichment. With Al Khair, embrace a lifestyle enriched by the purest gifts of nature, curated with care and reverence.

Additional Product Information

  • ISBN 13: 894-54500-01-26
  • ISBN 10:  545000126
  • ISBN: 894545000126
  • SKU 2: TIS
  • SKU 3: 894545000126
  • SKU 4: 894545000126
  • MPN: 894545000126
  • ASIN:   BCS-100GM 
  • EAN: 894545000126
  • Product Code ID: BSH&BWBAK
  • Manufacturer:  Al Khair Premium Natural Products
  • Country Of Manufacturer: Pakistan
  • Health Type: Vaporub / Active Rub / Balm 
  • Health Range: Vaporub / Active Rub / Balm 
  • Black Seed Type: Vaporub / Active Rub / Balm 
  • Black Seed Range: Vaporub / Active Rub / Balm 
  • Dimensions:
  • Weight:
  • Size: 200g
  • Volume: 200g
  • Unit: 200g
  • Digital Bank:


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