Al Ghazali on the Ninety Nine Beautiful Names Of Allah

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Al-Ghazali on the Ninety Niine Beautiful Names of Allah

Al-Maqsad al-Asna fi Sharh Asma’ Allah al-Husna

In this work, here presented in a complete English edition for the first time, the problem of knowing God is confronted in an original and stimulating way. Taking up the Prophet’s teaching that ‘Ninety-nine Beautiful Names’ are truly predicated of God, Ghazali explores the meaning and resonance of each of these divine names, and reveals the functions they perform both in the cosmos and in the soul of the spiritual adept. Although some of the book is rigorously analytical, the author never fails to attract the reader with his profound mystical and ethical insights, which, conveyed in his sincere and straightforward idiom, have made of this book one of the perennial classics of Muslim thought, popular among Muslims to this day.

David Burrell is Theodore M. Hesburgh Professor of Philosophy and Theology at the University of Notre Dame, USA.
Nazih Daher is Associate Dean, School of Professional and Area Studies, at the Foreign Service Institute of the United States Department of State.

This volume won a British Book Design and Production Award in 1993.

  • Publisher: Islamic Text Society
  • Pages 298
  • Size: 234 x 156mm
  • Publication Year 2011
  • ISBN: 978 0 946621 31 6


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