Sweets n Treats

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Sweets n Treats

Sweets and treats are ever so sweet, a really nice nibble, a really nice treat, tantalising and scrumptious, the truffle was so good, The tasty little chocolate tasted just as it should.

Finally a piece of fruit so as  to balance the sugary sweets, Though the Strawberry was technically fruit, it was also a treat.

The fruit was lush and firm and tasted so very good. The chocolate that covered it tasted so very , very god. Then once again it was the turn of another little sweet. Dawn into the belly were the others would shortly meet. Then it was, that all the tasty sweets and treats were finished as the wrappers were all now in the bin.

Were the little treats a good thing or were they a little sin.

  • Cover: Paperback
  • Publisher: Printeck LTD. Lusaka
  • Author: Hafsa Kasak
  • Pages: 84 Pages
  • Weight: 360 Grams


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