Great Muslims of the West – Makers of Western Islam

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Great Muslims of the West – Makers of Western Islam

The GREAT MUSLIMS OF THE WEST is a unique, inspiring and authoritative study of the history, culture and heritage of the Western world from an Islamic perspective. Through the lives of more than 50 great Western Muslims, this book reveals a remarkably rich and diverse cultural history spanning more than 1400 years. Challenging Eurocentric or essentialist views on Western history, culture and civilisation, this book argues that Islam – like Christianity – has always been a Western religion and culture. Indeed, the lives and contributions of the extraordinary and influential Western Muslims covered in this book shows that Islam is truly a global faith and culture, transcending race, colour, language and geographical boundaries. Aimed at students, scholars and general readers, this highly innovative, informative and invaluable book is a must read for Muslims and non-Muslims, Westerners and Easterners alike.


Khan provides accounts of not only the famous Muslim converts like Shaykh William (Abdullah) Quilliam and Marmaduke Pickthall, but also of lesser-known individuals whose contributions to Britain – and the whole Muslim world at the time – are no less inspirational. Lord Henry Stanley of Alderley, for instance, the English aristocrat and accomplished linguist, was a model British Muslim who served in the House of Lords. Not only was he an English patriot who served his country; he also often woke up late at night to perform Ṣalāt al-Tahajjud. In addition to earning the respect of his people, Lord Henry Stanley was open about his religious views and publicly defended the rights of the Ottomans, Indians and Africans from being violated.

  • The book encourages the British and American Muslim to ask oneself the following question: How will you contribute to your society?Shaykh Shahin-ur Rahman

"Great Muslims of the West is a remarkably lucid and thoroughly well-documented book. It provides the first major scholarly collation of Western Muslim biographies and challenges common assumptions and popular prejudices, enriching our comprehension of contemporary Islam." —The Muslim World Book Review

“By focusing on contributions by giants from the West who were also Muslim, this book debunks the myth that Muslims have been recently introduced to notions of democracy and individualism.”—Booklist Online

“Extensively researched… a wealth of information on a subject of great substance… far-reaching and fascinating… this book is worth reading and preserving.” —Dawn, Pakistan

“...this volume should not only be welcomed by both Muslims and non-Muslims, but it also offers a much needed sense of belonging to all Muslims born and raised in the West.”—Islamic Horizons

“[A] work of great synthesis. . . . [It] argues that the ‘makers of Western Islam’ have not only enriched Islam, but also humanity in general. This book is an important and timely contribution.”—Dr. Enes Karic, Professor at the Faculty of Islamic Studies, University of Sarajevo, and former Minister of Education, Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

"an encyclopaedic overview"—Dr Mamnun Khan, The Muslim News

“[An] unusually informative, inspiring and timely contribution. Essential reading for Muslims and non-Muslims, Easterners and Westerners alike.”—Dr. Syed Mahmudul Hasan, F.R.A.S. historian, author, and formerly Professor of Islamic History and Culture at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

"a window into the long history of Great Muslims of the West ... [the author] has a remarkable ability to explain and present history, from which readers can draw insight and learn lessons. I highly recommend this book as a must-have in every home, library, mosque and other educational institutions.”—Dr Mamnun Khan, The Muslim News

" provides non-Muslims and Muslims alike with a much broader and more nuanced picture of Muslim thinkers and leaders who have had an influence on... the West"—Bill Tammeus, Faith Matters Blog

“The Great Muslims of the West is a work of great synthesis covering the lives and works of 50 prominent Muslims of the West spanning more than a millennium. It shows that Islam is not monolithic, but a sum of living spirituality and inspiration emanating from the Qur’an.”

Dr Enes Karic

 Professor at the Faculty of Islamic Studies, University of Sarajevo, and former Minister of Education, Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina
“The Great Muslims of the West is a unique and impressive work on the Muslim history of the Western world. … It is an unusually informative, inspiring and timely contribution.”

Dr Syed Mahmudul Hasan

Eminent historian, author and formerly Professor of Islamic History and Culture at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

About The Author

Muhammad Mojlum Khan was born in 1973 in Habigong, Bangladesh, and was brought up and educated in England. He is an award-winning British writer, literary critic, prolific writer, and a researcher in Islamic thought and history. He has published over 100 essays and articles on Islam, comparative religion, contemporary thought, and current affairs, and has been a regular contributor to The Muslim News. He has published two major works: The Muslim 100 and The Muslim Heritage of Bengal.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Director of the Bengal Muslim Research Institute, UK. He lives in England with his family.

He is currently writing the first comprehensive biography of Nawab Abdul Latif C.I.E (1828-1893) of British India.

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