Ramadhan Fun Pack

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Ramadhan Fun Pack

Games, stories, colouring, art projects, recipes and good deed charts help pass the time while fasting and keep little ones busy while learning about Ramadan.

This fun pack includes twenty-one pages of colouring, arts and crafts, stories, games, fill in the blanks and poems. Children will learn about Laylat-ul-Qadr, Prophet Muhammad's generosity, the revelation of the Qur'an, Eid and fasting.

The activity book, crayons and game pieces are also included in a plastic pack.

Ramadan fun pack is highly recommended as a source of fun ideas that could be adapted for use in supporting Ramadan and Eid.

A great way to get children excited about the virtues of Ramadan, this colourful fun pack will keep them busy for hours. This fun pack will bring joy to the young both at home and in the classroom.

This fun pack will bring joy to the young both at home and in the classroom.

About The Author

Siddiqa Juma

Text to be published soon - JazakaAllah khayran for your patience .....

About The Publisher

Goodword Books

Early on in his life, the noted Islamic scholar, Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, felt the desire to give expression to his positive ideas by establishing the Islamic Centre in Delhi in 1976 and it was then, with this humble attempt, that the journey towards the inception of Goodword began.

The Maulana’s endeavour to present the peace-loving message of Islam led to the widespread acceptance and popularity of his books. At this point, the need to bring out high-quality children’s books was felt and so the Maulana’s son, Saniyasnain Khan, took the initiative and founded Goodword Books in 1996. This organization has been wholly dedicated to producing meaningful and wholesome books which lay emphasis on Islamic and moral values.

Islam is the religion of peace and harmony and it was felt that there was a pressing need to educate the new generation about this. It was felt that if this new generation could be taught about real Islamic idealism and other human values, they would surely become little ambassadors of Islamic goodness.

With this objective in mind, Goodword endeavours to present children books on Islam that provide a solid foundation of Islamic and moral values through themes carefully chosen from the Quran and other Islamic sources. In this way, children not only learn the ethical values conveyed by the message of Islam, but they also become stimulated to learn about Islamic ideals when they grow up. Goodword’s books combine simple texts with imaginative illustrations, it is widely accepted that words and pictures together are most effective with young readers. Goodword’s aim is not only to make children aware of Islamic values and moral teachings but also to make them so enamoured of them that they embody them in their lives.

Besides children’s books, Goodword Islamic book publishers also publish books for adults. These range in subject matter from history, religion and philosophy to dawah and Arabic learning. Goodword has already produced a vast body of well-researched books on Islam and Islamic history, all written by noted scholars and academicians. The rich collection of books presented by Goodword makes it a leading name in the publication of meaningful, authentic books on Islam.

Additional Product Information

  • ISBN 13: 978-817898-32-33
  • ISBN 10: 8178983233
  • ISBN: 9788178983233
  • SKU 2: 22409
  • SKU 3: 8323
  • Author: Siddiqa Juma
  • Edited and illustrated By: Siddiqa Juma
  • Publisher: Goodword Books
  • Imprint: Wisdom Publications
  • Publisher: Wisdom Publications
  • Publication Date: 2000
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Format: Paperback
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Pages: Fun Pack
  • Dimensions: xxxxx
  • Weight: 100g Approx
  • Digital Bank: Books/Activity Books


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