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Dabur Herbal Toothpaste Clove

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Dabur Herbal Toothpaste Clove

This specially designed toothpaste for cavity protection has clove oil in it. It is an essential oil rich in eugenol, which has strong antibacterial properties. The toothpaste also contains pellitory and blackberry. Pellitory helps relieve toothache. Blackberry bark is a natural astringent and strengthens teeth and gums. The toothpaste attacks cavity causing bacteria, thus preventing tooth decay and cavities. Clove is a natural antibacterial, fights bacteria and other germs for effective anticavity action.


Natural antibacterial, fights odour caused by bacteria & aids in anticavity action.

Jamun bark, natural astringent, strengthens teeth & gums.

Pellitory, natural stimulant may helps reduce sensitivity

Benefits of Clove Toothpaste

  • Designed for cavity protection
  • Contains clove oil
  • Strong antibacterial properties
  • Prevents tooth decay
  • Reduces gum swelling and irritation thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties
  • Stimulates circulation, due to its “hot” nature, enhancing gum tissue health
  • Helps remineralize teeth due to the protective properties of eugenol against acids (that can erode dentin), according to a 2012 research study conducted by the Indian government
  • The clove extracts in this toothpaste can protect your teeth and gums from bacterial attacks and ensure strong teeth and and ensure strong teeth and gums. So, you will be able to protect your teeth from cavities to to an extent.

According to The History of Dentistry by Walter Hoffmann-Axthelm, the first reference to cloves in dentistry was made by 10th-century Arabian dentist Al-Gazzar, where he mentions them for controlling mouth odors and pain. Nowadays we know that eugenol -- the main compound in clove -- is to thank for its powerful analgesic (pain relieving) and antiseptic properties. The Journal of Dentistry published a study in 2006 proving clove essential oil had the same numbing effect as the topical agent benzocaine, making it an alternative before needle insertion. CloveToothpaste can also relieve pain caused by dry socket, a possible complication of tooth extraction. When diluted with coconut oil it even makes a treatment for teething infants.

CloveToothpaste reduces the bacteria that cause gum disease and helps create a balanced oral biome. Our mouths contain over 700 types of bacteria—some beneficial, others harmful. Rather than killing all the bacteria, which is what antibiotics and harsh mouthwashes do, bacteria should be "managed" to encourage the growth of beneficial microorganisms. Good bacteria produce hydrogen peroxide that keeps harmful bacteria under control. Many strains of bad bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics. But according to a report published in the journal Compendium, bad bacteria usually don’t develop resistance to clove oil.

CloveToothpaste is effective against the bad bacteria that can move from your mouth into your arteries, causing a stroke or heart attack. There have been many studies linking gum disease and heart disease. A 2016 study in Oral Health and Coronary Heart Disease found that a common bacteria associated with periodontal disease, Porphyromonas gingivalis (P. gingivalis), invaded endothelial cells as well as atheromatous tissues, creating a pathogenetic link between periodontal disease and coronary heart disease. Further studies have proven clove oil’s effectiveness against P. gingivalis.

Bottom line, if your oral care doesn't include clove oil, you're missing out on incredibly effective, natural protection against the bad bacteria that causes gum disease.


Calcium Carbonate, Aqua, Glycerin , Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Carrageenan, Aroma (Flavor With Clove Oil), Herbal Extract (#anacyclus Pyrethrum (Root) Extract, Acacia Arabica (Steam Bark) Extract, Mimusops Elengi (Flower) Extract, Symplocos Racemosa (Bark) Extract, Eugenia Cumini (Jamun) Extract), Sodium Saccharine, Eugenol, Limonene

About The Manufacturer

Dabur Limited

Dabur Limited is the fourth largest FMCG Company in India with Revenues of over Rs. 10,800 Crore & Market Capitalization of over Rs 100,000 Crore. Building on a legacy of quality and experience of over 138 years, Dabur is today India’s most trusted name and the world’s largest Ayurvedic and Natural Health Care Company with a portfolio of over 250 Herbal/Ayurvedic products.
Known as the 'Custodian of Ayurveda', Dabur marries age-old traditional wisdom with modern-day Science to develop products for consumers across generations and geographies. Dabur's FMCG portfolio today includes 8 Power Brands with distinct brand identities -- Dabur Chyawanprash, Dabur Honey, Dabur PudinHara, Dabur Lal Tail and Dabur Honitus in the Healthcare space; Dabur Amla and Dabur Red Paste in the Personal Care category; and Réal in the Food & Beverages category. In addition, Vatika is an International Power Brand.
Dabur today operates in key consumer product categories like Hair Care, Oral Care, Health Care, Skin Care, Home Care and Foods. The ayurvedic company has a wide distribution network, covering 6.7 million retail outlets with a high penetration in both urban and rural markets.
Dabur's products also have huge presence in the overseas markets and are today available in over 120 countries across the globe. Its brands are highly popular in the Middle East, SAARC countries, Africa, US, Europe and Russia. Dabur's overseas revenue today accounts for over 27% of the total turnover.
The 137-year-old ayurvedic company, promoted by the Burman family, started operating in 1884 as an Ayurvedic medicines company. From its humble beginnings in the bylanes of Calcutta, Dabur India Ltd has come a long way today to become one of the biggest Indian-owned consumer goods companies with the largest herbal and natural product portfolio in the world. Overall, Dabur has successfully transformed itself from being a family-run business to become a professionally managed enterprise. What sets Dabur apart from the crowd is its ability to change ahead of others and to always set new standards in corporate governance & innovation.
Dabur also recommends various Ayurvedic Home Remedies formulated using ayurvedic plants & herbs which are natural & chemical free.

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