The Islam Shop  is delighted to now be able to provide Sweetzone products. Sweets from Sweetzone are 100% halal.

Sweetzone takes great care to ensure that its sweets are suitable for people who have halal requirements. They go to great lengths to ensure their sweets are free of non-halal gelatin, colours such as E120 and other haram ingredients.

Many of the Sweetzone products The Islam Shop stocks are also suitable for vegetarians, including their candyfloss, rainbow belts, rainbow pencils and party lollies.

The Sweetzone range includes a variety a sweet tubs, sweet bags and bulk bags to give you a choice around how to retail and display these tasty sweets.

Why not add products from this popular halal sweets brand to your basket. These sweets are delicious for all, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to add to your basket and bring smiles to peoples faces with delicious tasty treats from Sweetzone.

We have a wide selection of halal sweets available, as well as vegan and vegetarian ranges for you to pick from and cater for any customers with specific dietary requirements.

Sweetzone is a well-known confectionery brand available throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland and in an increasing number of countries around the world.

They have a huge range of bagged sweets and mini tubs which are ideal for supermarkets and convenience stores. Our range of tub sweets, bulk marshmallows, pick and mix and candy floss are popular with cash and carries, foodservice providers and confectionery specialists.

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