Candy Floss

People love candy floss as a light and fluffy treat, and it’s a sweet most remember fondly from their childhood.

In addition, candy floss is a sweet you can eat without worrying too much about the impact it will have on your waistline.

Our pots and pails provide a good level of satisfaction for any sweet cravings, but have as little as a quarter to an eighth of the amount of sugar you would find in a standard bag of sweets.

Candy Floss is also fat free, nut free, gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

It’s a popular choice for those watching their diets, along with our delicious Pencil Jellies which have similar benefits in their favour, compared to other kinds of sweets.

We supply our candy floss to supermarkets, wholesalers and confectioners in the main. We also regularly receive requests for corporate events, parties and other large events and festivals.

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