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Honey is a naturally sweet product. We have a vast range of honey for all needs. Not many are aware that different honeys differ. They differ in their composition, they differ in their nutritional values and they differ in their therapeutic properties. Research done on different kinds of honey confirmed that floral sources, climate when the honey is being harvested and soil composition are all key factors in determining not only its flavor, color, or aroma but also its quality and effectiveness for medicinal or health-promoting purposes. Another important factor affecting a honey's curative qualities is purity. Only crude, unprocessed honey has been shown to be effective. (For more information about how honeys differ, go to Honey Research) According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Yemeni's Sidr honey is a hundred times more expensive than the other kinds of honey on the global market because of differences in their medicinal and nutritive benefits. 

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