Mānuka Honey & Lemon 40+ MGO 250g

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Mānuka Honey & Lemon 40+ MGO 250g

Authentic New Zealand Manuka Honey With Lemon

bb 06/2022

Our 250g jar of 40+ MGO Multifloral Manuka honey combined with Lemon is a certified product of New Zealand. Fully traceable from jar to hive, all our honey is collected by our Kiwi bees and harvested by our beekeepers on the untamed NZ East Coast.

Certified MGO Rating – 40+

All Manuka Lab Honey is independently tested to conform with the NZ government regulations. This ensures the creamy texture and luxurious taste, as well as verifying the potency of the MGO (Methylglyoxal) that gives the honey its unique properties. These properties make Manuka Honey a great support for your daily health and wellbeing routine.

Ethically And Sustainably Sourced

Our ethical harvesting and production equally benefit landowners, beekeepers, and the bees alike. We share equal percentages of honey sales between the manuka resource owners, allowing us to continually support the ongoing work of the protection of the manuka plants, bees and hives, and the environment.


New Zealand Multiforal MĀNUKA HONEY with Lemon Extract

How to use / Directions to use

Natural & super tasty sweetener with a twist of Lemon: our MGO 40+ multifloral Mānuka Honey makes an excellent natural sugar substitute for daily use. Add it as a delicious dressing on homemade crêpes combined with fresh fruits. Or drizzle it on top of ice cream, breakfast porridge and yogurt as a less guilty ‘sugar craving’.

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