The History of The Quranic Text, from Revelation to Compilation

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The History of The Quranic Text, from Revelation to Compilation

A Comparative Study with the Old and New Testaments

This expansive book provides unique insights into the holy text’s immaculate preservation, as well as exploring many of the accusations levelled against it. The reception of divine revelations, Prophet Muhammad’s role in disseminating and compiling these verses, and the setting of the text’s final external shape are scientifically examined alongside such topics as the origins of Arabic, the so-called Mushaf of Ibn Masud, and the strict methodology employed in assembling textual fragments.

By way of comparison, the author investigates the histories of the Old and New Testaments, relying entirely on Judeo-Christian sources, and uncovers a startling range of alterations in the biblical Scriptures. Using this as a springboard, he illustrates convincingly that Western research into Islam’s Holy Book is motivated by more than mere curiosity, and has no scientific bearing on the Quran’s integrity.

This monumental effort, a scholarly work composed in an impassioned tone, provides a welcome foundation for sincere study at a time when assailing the Quran has become all too common.

About The Author

Mohammad Mustafa al-Azami

Muhammad Mustafa Al-A'zami (1930-2017)  محمد مصطفٰی اعظمی‎,  (محمد مصطفى الأعظمي) was a contemporary Indian Scholar of Hadith, best known for his critical investigation and scrutiny of some of the Western writings on Islam and Islamic civilization, such as Ignác Goldziher, David Margoliouth, and Joseph Schacht.

Life and Education

He was born in Mau, India in 1930. Al-A'zami received his Islamic Education successively from Darul Uloom Deoband (1952), then he joined Al-Azhar University, Egypt in 1952 and did his Masters in the Faculty of the Arabic Language, and obtained a Certification to teach the Arabic language.  He then obtained his PhD from Cambridge University.


Azmi was a Professor Emeritus at King Saud University where he also chaired the department of Islamic Studies. He served as curator of the National Public Library of Qatar, Associate Professor at Umm al-Qura University, Visiting Scholar at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), Visiting Fellow at St Cross College, Oxford, King Faisal Visiting Professor for Islamic Studies at Princeton University, and Visiting Scholar at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He was also an Honorary Fellow in Islamic Studies at the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David.

Awards and Recognition

In 1980, he was the recipient of the King Faisal International Award for Islamic Studies. Much of A'zami's work focused on challenging Western scholarship on hadith literature, especially highlighting the fact that there was already intense literary activity on hadiths during the lifetime of the Muslim prophet Muhammad, at his encouragement.

Literary works

  • Studies in Early Hadith Literature, His doctoral thesis at the University of Cambridge
  • Hadith Methodology and Literature, a general introduction to the subject
  • The History of the Qur'anic Text from Revelation to Compilation: A Comparative Study with the Old and New Testaments
  • On Schacht's Origins of Muhammadan Jurisprudence
  • Dirasat fi al-Hadith an-Nabawi
  • Kuttab an-Nabi
  • Manhaj an-Naqd 'ind al-Muhaddithin
  • al-Muhaddithun min al-Yamamah

His forthcoming works include The Qurʾānic Challenge: A Promise Fulfilled and The ʾIsnād System: Its Origins and Authenticity.

Edited works

  • al-ʿIlal of Ibn al-Madini
  • Kitāb at-Tamyiz of Imam Muslim
  • Maghāzi Rasulullah of Urwah ibn Zubayr
  • Muwatta Imam Malik
  • Sahih Ibn Khuzaymah
  • Sunan ibn Majah

Muhammad Mustafa Azmi died on 20 December 2017, aged 87

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