Stories From Islamic History

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Description from the publisher Introduces children to Muslims whose exemplary behaviour earned them a place in the annals of our heritage. Each story highlights an occasion when a person of outstanding character stood up for his faith in Allah. Some tales are from the Sirah while others depict Caliphs, sahabah, martyrs and other pious Muslims. Accounts often focus on critical moments in their lives when they chose to follow the Straight Path rather than take an easier way. These personalities became role models for all time when they adhered to the same Islamic principles that govern our lives today. SKU 9781872531144 Pages77 Size cm 15x21 Cm Binding Soft Cover Asin ASIN Author Syed Abul Hassan Ali AL Nadwi Publisher UK Islamic Academy

  • Author: Syed Abul Hassan Ali AL Nadwi
  • Publisher: UK Islamic Academy
  • Pages: 77


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