The Life of the Prophet Muhammad

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The Life of the Prophet Muhammad

This translation into English of a great Islamic classic offers the western world a simple yet profound interpretation of Islam.

Drawing upon years of unparalleled experience in diplomacy and government, Azzam examines the social and economic ramifications of the Muslim state, one based on humane ideals of law and justice expressed in the Qur'an, and one which can provide the foundation for a just society.

Abd al-Rahman Azzam (1893-1976) is generally considered as the father of the Arab League. He served as the League's first Secretary-General between 1945-52 as well as distinguishing himself in a long career as an ambassador and parliamentarian. As Vincent Sheean points out in his introduction, 'In Damascus as well as in Djakarta, Istanbul and Baghdad, this man is known for valour of spirit and elevation of mind...He combines in the best Islamic mode, the aspects of thought and action, like the Muslim warriors of another time who are typified for us Westerners by the figure of Saladin.' Malcolm X's reading of The Eternal Message of Muhammad and his meeting with Azzam Pasha are vividly recounted in his Autobiography. It is clear that these events marked the point in his life at which Malcolm X turned towards orthodox traditional Islam.

About The Author

Dr Abdul Rahman Azzam is a graduate of Oxford University where he completed his BA and PhD in history. He is the author of RUMI AND THE KINGDOM OF JOY (Muhammadi Trust, 2000) and in 2007 Longman published his biography of Saladin to critical acclaim.  The Edinburgh Evening News called it ‘a comprehensive survey not just of the man, but of the age in which he lived’, the FT Weekend described it as ‘absorbing’ and The Irish News praised the book as ‘timely and well-written'. SALADIN was a bestseller when published in Arabic and was selected in Jordan as one of the top one hundred books on Islam. THE OTHER EXILE, about the St Helena Island hermit, Fernão Lopes, a real-life Robinson Crusoe, was published in May 2017, and he is working on THE RETURN OF SEBASTIAN.

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  • ISBN13: 9780860370482
  • ISBN10: 0860370488
  • Author: Abd Ar-Rahman Azzam
  • Imprint: The Islamic Foundation
  • Publisher: Kube Publishing Ltd
  • Publication Date: 30-06-2007
  • Format: Paperback





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