The Seekers' Aid in Upholding the Religious Duties (A Manual on Creed and Hanafi Fiqh)

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The Seekers' Aid in Upholding the Religious Duties (A Manual on Creed and Hanafi Fiqh)

Dive into the essence of Islam's foundational principles with the enlightening treatise, "The Seekers' Aid in Upholding the Religious Duties." This concise yet comprehensive manual, penned by the esteemed author Shaykh 'Abd al-Ghani al-Ghunaymi al-Maydani, provides a detailed exploration of the five pillars of Islam as dictated by the Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace).

The Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace) proclaimed that "Islam is built upon five pillars," encompassing the declaration of faith, prayer, almsgiving, pilgrimage, and fasting. This book meticulously presents each of these fundamental pillars, offering a thorough understanding and practical application of their significance in the life of a devout Muslim.

Shaykh 'Abd al-Ghani al-Ghunaymi al-Maydani, a luminary born and raised in Damascus, not only memorized the Qur'an but also studied under the guidance of eminent scholars of his time. Renowned for his deep understanding of Islamic law and distinguished by his exceptional piety, Shaykh al-Ghunaymi is most recognized for his acclaimed commentary on the Hanafi legal classic, Mukhtasar al-Quduri, known simply as al-Lubab.

This manual is a testament to the author's expertise, offering readers a clear and concise guide to the core tenets of Islam, combining scholarly precision with practical application. Perfect for individuals seeking a deeper comprehension of their religious obligations, this book serves as an invaluable resource for those eager to strengthen their faith and knowledge of the principles that form the bedrock of Islam.

"The Seekers' Aid in Upholding the Religious Duties" is a must-have for both students and scholars of Islam, providing a profound insight into the essential aspects of the Islamic faith and offering guidance on upholding these religious obligations in daily life.

About The Author 

Shaykh Abd al-Ghani al-Ghunaymi al-Maydani

Shaykh Abd al-Ghani al-Ghunaymi al-Maydani, a luminary in the world of Islamic scholarship, lived during a period marked by intellectual richness and spiritual enlightenment. His life, which unfolded in the 19th century, was dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and the dissemination of Islamic teachings.

Born in the illustrious city of Damascus, Shaykh Abd al-Ghani al-Ghunaymi al-Maydani emerged as a distinguished scholar, jurist, and spiritual guide. His deep commitment to the Islamic tradition led him to study under renowned scholars of his time, acquiring a wealth of knowledge in various disciplines.

Shaykh Abd al-Ghani al-Ghunaymi al-Maydani's scholarly contributions encompassed Islamic jurisprudence, theology, and spirituality. He became a prominent figure in the academic circles of Damascus, known for his erudition and piety. His teachings, delivered in the traditional settings of mosques and educational institutions, attracted students and seekers of knowledge from far and wide.

One of Shaykh Abd al-Ghani al-Ghunaymi al-Maydani's notable achievements was his role as a mufti, providing legal opinions based on Islamic jurisprudence. His judicious approach to legal matters earned him respect not only among scholars but also within the broader community.

In addition to his scholarly pursuits, Shaykh Abd al-Ghani al-Ghunaymi al-Maydani was a spiritual guide with a deep understanding of Sufi principles. His teachings emphasized the importance of inner purification, moral conduct, and the spiritual journey towards God.

The Islam Shop Ltd is honored to present the works and teachings of Shaykh Abd al-Ghani al-Ghunaymi al-Maydani, offering a glimpse into the intellectual and spiritual legacy he left behind. As a source of guidance for those seeking a profound understanding of Islam, his writings continue to inspire and illuminate the hearts and minds of readers.

Through making the works of Shaykh Abd al-Ghani al-Ghunaymi al-Maydani available, The Islam Shop Ltd seeks to contribute to the preservation and dissemination of traditional Islamic knowledge, fostering a deeper connection to the rich heritage of the faith.

About The Publisher

Heritage Press

Heritage Press was founded in the United Kingdom in June 2013/1434 AH. As a publishing house, our objective is to contribute to the revival of the traditional Islamic sciences and the dissemination of sound knowledge through translations of authentic, classical and contemporary texts into the English language, so as to broaden the understanding of the general community, whilst maintaining a high academic standard. This goal is accomplished through our varied selection of texts across the Islamic sciences, such as Sacred Law (fiqh), spirituality (tasṣawwuf), Prophetic biography (sīrah) and other important Islamic subjects, written by some of the foremost traditional scholars of mainstream Sunni orthodoxy, both past and present. until now, numerous titles have been published by Heritage Press.

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  • ISBN 13: 978-099347-56-34
  • ISBN: 10: 0993475634
  • ISBN: 9780993475634
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  • SKU 4: 9780993475634
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  • Author: Abd Al-Ghani Al Ghunaymi Al Maydani 
  • Edited and illustrated By: Abd Al-Ghani Al Ghunaymi Al Maydani 
  • Translated & Annotated By: Amjad Mahmood
  • Publisher: Heritage Press
  • Imprint: Heritage Press
  • Publication Date: 2023
  • Edition: Second
  • Cover: Paperback / Softcover / Paperboard / Softbound
  • Format: Paperback / Softcover / Paperboard / Softbound
  • Binding: Paperback / Softcover / Paperboard / Softbound
  • Pages: 78
  • Dimensions: 24x16cm Approx
  • Weight: 400g
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