The Stories Of the Prophets (Taken From Taysir Al-Latif All-Mannan Fi Khulasat Tafsir Al-Quran)

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The Stories Of the Prophets (Taken From Taysir Al-Latif All-Mannan Fi Khulasat Tafsir Al-Quran) 

The Stories Of the Prophets (Taken From Taysir Al-Latif All-Mannan Fi Khulasat Tafsir Al-Quran) Allah mentioned the stories of the Prophets in His Book, who were the purest examples, the leaders of guidance and lanterns amongst the darkness.

About The Author 

Shaykh ʿAbd al-Raḥmān ibn Nāṣir al-Siʿdi,

Shaykh ʿAbd al-Raḥmān ibn Nāṣir al-Siʿdī,  also known as al-Siʿdī (1889-1957), was an Islamic Scholar from Saudi Arabia. He was a teacher and an author in Unaizah, Saudi Arabia. He authored more than 40 books in several different fields including tafsir, fiqh, and 'aqidah.[1] al-Sa'di was an influential figure in the field of tafsir and his book of tafsir entitled Taysir al-Kareem al-Rahman has been describe as arguably one of the most popular tafsirs written by modern salafi scholars. He served as the imam and khateeb for the largest jami' mosque[ and director of the religious training school, al-Ma'had al-'Ilmi, of Unayzah

Al-Sa'di was born in the city of Unayzah, al-Qassim, Saudi Arabia on 7 September 1889. His father, Nasir al-Sa'di, was an imam and preacher in a mosque in the Unayzah.[6] His mother, Fatimah bint Abdullah al-'Uthaymeen,[7] died when he was four years old, and his father died when he was seven. He was initially cared for by his father's second wife[8] and was later transferred to the guardianship of his oldest brother, Hamad ibn Nasir al-Sa'di.[9] He completed his memorization of the Qur'an by the age of eleven and then pursued religious education from the scholars in his locality. In his teenage years, his fellow students began to refer to him for help in their studies

In 1950/1371AH, al-Sa'di began suffering from health problems related to blood pressure and Atherosclerosis. Upon hearing of his health problems, King Sa'ud sent two doctors via his personal jet to attend to sheikh al-Sa'di. The doctors recommended that he seek further treatment in Lebanon, where they accompanied him for a month-long stay in 1953/1373AH. During this time he recovered but was advised to adopt a less strenuous lifestyle. After returning to Unayzah, he resumed his regular work as an imam, teacher, khateeb and'di passed away from the same set of health problems in 1957/1376AH.

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Hikmah Publications

Publishers of Books based in UK 

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  • Author: Shaykh Abd al-Rahman Nasir As-Sa’di
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  • Translated By: Shaykh Abd al-Rahman Nasir As-Sa’di
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