Sultan Muhammed Al-Fatih

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Sultan Muhammed Al-Fatih This is a story that should be told to every young child, obviously after telling the stories of the Final Messenger & his companions. This is a real life story of a great leader of the Muslim ummah, who came to rule a vast Islamic empire (khilafah) at the young age of 22. He is recognized for Conquering Constantinople and freeing its Christian subjects, from an oppressive king who lived a lavish life style on the taxes of his subjects while people were left begging on the streets of this great city, which is presently known as Istanbul. SKU 376 Pages208 Size cm A5 Binding P/B Asin ASIN Author Dr Ali Muhammad As-Salaabi Publisher Al-Firdous

  • Author: Dr Ali Muhammad As-Salaabi
  • Publisher: Al-Firdous
  • Pages: 208


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