Prophetic Pearls - An Overview of the Life and Campaigns of Allah's Messenger

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Prophetic Pearls - An Overview Of The Life and Campaigns of Allah's Messenger 

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is central to the Islamic message. Indeed, the testimony of faith comprises of testification to the Oneness of Allah and testification that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. The biography of Prophet Muhammad, therefore, is central to the tenets of Islam. Knowledge of the life and times of Allah's Messenger strengthens one's faith, solidifies one's convictions, and only increases one in love of the Prophet.

DAR AL-ARQAM A Cordoban scholar, al-Hafiz Ibn 'Abd al-Barr was touted as the hafiz of the West by al-Dhahabi, and the most knowledgeable ḥadīth scholar of Andalusia by Abu 'l-Walid al-Baji. Indeed, his works span many sciences, including hadith, law, and history.

In this remarkable book, al-Hafiz Abu 'Umar b. 'Abd al-Barr beautifully summarises the life and campaigns of Allah's Messenger, basing his work on the seminal works of al-Imam Mūsā b. 'Uqhah, al-Imam Ibn Ishaq, and the latter's summarisation by al-Imam Ibn Hisham.

About The Author

Al-Hafiz Ibn 'Abd al-Barr

Ibn 'Abd al-Barr was born in 978 and died in 1071 in Xàtiva in Al-Andalus. According to Ibn Khallikan, Ibn Abd al-Barr sprung from the Arabian tribe of Namr ibn Qasit

While initially having been an adherent of the Zahirite school of Muslim jurisprudence, Ibn Abd al-Barr later switched to the Maliki school, which was the officially recognized legal code of the Umayyad dynasty, under which he lived. His book on the three great Sunni jurists Malik ibn Anas, Al-Shafi'i and Abu Hanifa noticeably excluded both his former patron Dawud al-Zahiri and Ahmad ibn Hanbal.] Ibn 'Abd al-Barr was a strong opponent of the practice of Taqlid (blind-imitation) and represented the traditionalist strand of the Maliki school.He is often referred to as the "Bukhari of the West

About The Publisher

Dar Al-Arqam

Dar Al-Arqam is a non-profit learning institute for Muslims.

Dar Al-Arqam provide a unique brand of free learning that combines between 3 strands: Development, Education and Skills.

Dar Al-Arqam vision is to empower the wahy (revelation). That means producing a generation of Muslim leaders and institutions that are role models of the wahy at all levels—individual, familial, societal and administrative.

The teaching instruction at Dar Al-Arqam offers unique features seldom found elsewhere:

  • Dar Al-Arqam provide free learning. All programmes at Dar Al-Arqam are offered at no cost to their students.
  • Dar Al-Arqam provide extensive instruction on Islamic mindsets—a category entirely unique to Dar Al-Arqam.
  • Dar Al-Arqam emphasize on the comprehensive development of students. That means going beyond academic training and placing a central focus on the development of the fitrah and mind—not only eman—and the utilitarian impact a student possesses.
  • Dar Al-Arqam recognise the subtlety of the mentoring process and its need for longevity and relationship-building. Subsequently, Dar Al-Arqam primarily offer long-term courses.
  • Dar Al-Arqam promote entrepreneurship in the way of waqf businesses—businesses that dedicate all or part of their profits to principal causes.
  • Dar Al-Arqam encourage the institutional practice of Islam—the representation of Islam through bodies and organisations.
  • Dar Al-Arqam publish books on various Islamic topic

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  • Author: Al-Hafiz Ibn 'Abd al-Barr
  • Edited and illustrated By: Al-Hafiz Ibn 'Abd al-Barr
  • Publisher: Dar Al Arqam
  • Imprint: Dar Al Arqam
  • Cover: Paperback / Softcover / Paperboard / Softbound
  • Format: Paperback / Softcover / Paperboard / Softbound
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