Bilal al-habashi An Exemplar of Patience and Devotion

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Bilal al-habashi An Exemplar of Patience and Devotion

When the Prophet Muhammad arrived in the city of Mecca, he found a city where paganism reigned, slavery was rampant, and hope was dead. Bilal al-Habashi was a resident of the city, a slave who’d never known freedom. But when the Prophet’s message of liberation, faith, and love took root in his heart, Bilal’s soul took flight. He knew what it was to be free.

Mecca’s pagan leaders knew they needed to silence Bilal, before his example inspired the rest of the city to seek its own liberation. But despite the torture they inflicted on him, Bilal’s soul yearned for freedom, and he refused to turn away from his faith. His voice rang out, and the Prophet’s message of love and freedom soon swept away the pagan leadership and their legacy of bondage.

An inspiring and exciting historical journey, Bilal al-Habashi explores life in the pre-Islamic Middle East, and sets the stage for why Prophet Muhammad and Islam were able to sweep through the region. It’s also an extraordinary look at an overlooked historical figure, an ordinary slave who became a high-ranking general and who was renowned for his beautiful singing voice.

Hilal Kara holds a PhD in pedagogy from Germany and a Master’s degree in hadith studies from Turkey. She frequently lectures on personal development and family education. Abdullah Kara is a graduate of Arabic and Islamic studies. He is the author of a number of publications, most of which cover Islamic history and character development.

  • Author Hilal Kara and Abdullah Kara
  • ISBN: 9781597849272
  • Size: 6 x 9 inches
  • Pages: 172
  • Publishers Tughrabooks
  • Weight: 255g


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