Bengali: Riyadh-Us-Saliheen (2 Vol. Set)

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Bengali: Riyadh-Us-Saliheen (2 Vol. Set)

Discover the timeless wisdom of Islam with "Riyadh-Us-Saliheen," an invaluable collection of approximately 2000 authentic hadith carefully selected from the renowned six major collections: Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi, An-Nisai, and Ibn Majah. This comprehensive two-volume set covers every aspect of Islamic belief and moral conduct, making it an indispensable resource for both scholars and everyday readers alike.

Each hadith is presented in its original Arabic text alongside a clear and eloquent Bengali translation, ensuring accessibility for a wide audience. Perfect for daily reading and study, "Riyadh-Us-Saliheen" serves as a profound guide to sincerity of purpose, charity, fasting, knowledge-seeking, funeral etiquette, and the protection of the Quran.

Spanning 372 chapters across 19 sections, this handsome hardcover edition encompasses essential topics such as good manners, proper eating habits, attire guidelines, etiquette of rest and social interactions, and much more. Whether you seek guidance on the virtues of Hajj and Jihad, the importance of knowledge, or the etiquette of supplication and remembrance of Allah, each section is meticulously curated to provide clarity and depth.

Ideal for both personal study and gifting, "Riyadh-Us-Saliheen" is designed to enrich your spiritual journey and deepen your understanding of Islamic teachings. Embrace the beauty of Islamic literature and strengthen your connection to faith with this authoritative and enlightening collection.

Elevate your library with "Riyadh-Us-Saliheen" today and embark on a transformative journey towards spiritual growth and enlightenment. Order now and experience the wisdom that has resonated through centuries of Islamic tradition.

About The Author 

Abū Zakariyyā Yaḥyā ibn Sharaf al-Nawawī 

Abū Zakariyyā Yaḥyā ibn Sharaf al-Nawawī, known as Imam Nawawī, stands as a towering figure in Islamic scholarship, revered across madhabs, his Shafi'ite roots. Born in Nawa near Damascus in 1230, his early devotion to the Quran set him apart from childhood. Rejecting play for profound study, he foreshadowed a life dedicated to knowledge.

In Damascus, Nawawī's intellectual journey flourished under more than twenty esteemed teachers, mastering hadith, jurisprudence, and theology. His commitment was legendary: he wrote over 40 pages daily and taught extensively, even as a youth. His scholarly rigour and ascetic lifestyle, opting not to marry, reflected his deep spiritual focus.

Not merely an academic, Nawawī fearlessly confronted power. He challenged Sultan Baybars twice over unjust taxation and misappropriation of waqf properties, earning respect and awe, even from the ruler himself.

His legacy endures through seminal works like "Forty Hadiths" and "Riyadh as-Saaliheen," foundational texts in Islamic learning. His life epitomizes unwavering dedication to knowledge, spiritual discipline, and moral courage—a beacon of inspiration for scholars and seekers alike, transcending time and circumstance.

Sadly, during the Syrian Civil War, Nawawī's tomb fell victim to destruction—an ironic testament to the enduring impact of a scholar who devoted his life to enlightenment and peace.

About the Publisher

Darussalam International Publishing & Distribution

At The Islam Shop, we take pride in offering a curated selection of authentic Islamic books and products, and Darussalam Publications stands as a cornerstone in providing high-quality literature.

Darussalam International Publishing & Distribution, also known as Dar-us-Salam in the U.S., is a Saudi-based multilingual international publishing house that operates in 35 countries. Renowned as the second-largest publisher of Qur'ān translations globally, it holds a significant position after the King Fahd Complex.

In the realm of privately owned Islamic scripture-related printing, English language publishing, and worldwide distribution, Darussalam Publications is the largest in the world. Their unwavering commitment to authenticity and accuracy has earned them the trust of millions of Muslims worldwide.

Why Choose Darussalam Publications?

  1. Authenticity: Each publication undergoes rigorous verification to ensure it aligns with authentic Islamic teachings.
  2. Multilingual Offerings: With books available in multiple languages, Darussalam ensures accessibility for Muslims worldwide.
  3. Comprehensive Selection: From Qur'ān translations to Hadith collections, Islamic history, and educational books, Darussalam offers a wide array of titles.
  4. Global Reach: Operating in 35 countries, Darussalam brings high-quality Islamic literature to readers around the world.
  5. Educational Excellence: Darussalam's publications are trusted by scholars and educators for their accuracy and clarity, making them an invaluable resource for learning and teaching.

Darussalam Publications is dedicated to spreading the knowledge of Islam through meticulously researched, well-written, and beautifully presented books. Their catalogue includes a wide array of subjects, ranging from classical Islamic texts, modern scholarly works, educational materials, and children's books, all crafted to meet the diverse needs of the global Muslim community.

Their publications are available in multiple languages, ensuring that the teachings of Islam are accessible to everyone, regardless of their linguistic background. This dedication to multilingual dissemination underscores Darussalam's mission to educate and inspire Muslims worldwide.

With an extensive network that spans across continents, Darussalam Publications ensures that its books reach every corner of the globe. Whether you seek to deepen your understanding of the Qur'ān, learn about the Hadith, or explore Islamic history and jurisprudence, Darussalam offers a rich knowledge repository.

At The Islam Shop, we are honoured to feature Darussalam Publications as a leading provider of Islamic books. Whether you're seeking to deepen your knowledge, educate others, or enrich your spiritual journey, Darussalam’s meticulously crafted publications are designed to inspire and enlighten you.

Choose Darussalam Publications for reliable, insightful, and enriching Islamic literature. Explore their extensive collection at The Islam Shop and embark on a spiritual growth and enlightenment journey.

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