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Inheritance, Regulations & Exhortations The Final Bequest, Islamic Inheritance and Will The Inevitable Journey Series (Part 2) by Muhammad al-Jibaly About Book The Inevitable Journey, We inevitably go through the journey starting in this life and extending into the grave, before our final abode in the hereafter. In the process, we pass through stages of sickness, death, and the intermediate life in the grave (al-Barzakh). These are the subjects that "The Inevitable Journey" discusses over a sequence of tides 1. Sickness, Regulations & Exhortations. 2. The Final Bequest, Islamic Inheritance and Will. 3. Funerals, Regulations & Exhortations. 4. Life in al-Barzakh. 5. Dreamer's Handbook. Publisher Al-Kitaab & as-Sunnah Publishing

  • Author: Muhammad al-Jibali
  • Pages: 331


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