Simple Steps in Qur'aan Reading - Certificates set

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Simple Steps in Qur'aan Reading - Certificates Set

Encouraging children to read the Qur'an is a great way of boosting their self-esteem and making them feel proud of themselves. It can also help reduce challenging behaviour, especially in those who are struggling at school or Madrasah. What’s more, our Simple Steps in Qur'an Reading certificate will keep your child motivated and focused on the task – which will ultimately benefit both you and him because it means he’s less likely to be distracted by other things.

Suitable for ages 2 and above

Benefits of Certificates

  • Motivate Children
  • Aspire Children
  • Boosting Self Esteem
  • Making Children Valued
  • Making Children and Students to feel proud of them selves
  • Assure the Children and students that they have achieved Something great
  • Reduce Challenging Behaviour
  • Focused on Task
  • Motivate Children and students who are struggling

About The Publisher

Wisdom Publications

By the grace of Almighty Allah swt, Simple Steps in Qur’aan Reading is now available online, giving us the opportunity to offer our innovative and successful teaching methods to a far wider student base around the world.

Following on from our books, posters and flashcards, the SSiQR Online website continues to focus on teaching the Arabic alphabet and the Qā’idah (the rules and elements of Qur’aan recitation) effectively and accurately but in a way that is accessible and fun for all ages and ability levels.

Wisdom Publications do this by starting from the very beginning, helping you to learn and identify individual letters and their various forms, master correct pronunciation, use and understand vowel marks and learn how to join letters to make full Arabic words, all of which are taken from the Glorious Qur'an.

As always, Wisdom Publications' objective is to help as many people as possible, regardless of age or ability, to read the Glorious Qur'an in the original Arabic, and they are passionate about using every teaching method available to further this aim. Please check out the books on The Islam Shop website for more publications.

Additional Product Information

  • ISBN 13: 978-099260-60-22
  • ISBN: 10: 0992606022
  • ISBN: 9780992606022
  • SKU 2: TIS
  • SKU 3: 8086
  • SKU 4: 9780992606022
  • MPN: 9780992606022
  • ASIN: 0602
  • EAN: 0602
  • REF.NO: 0602
  • Author: Abu Saalih Bin Ayyub
  • Edited and illustrated By: Abu Saalih Bin Ayyub
  • Publisher: Wisdom Publications
  • Imprint: Wisdom Publications
  • Publication Date: 2015
  • Cover: Card
  • Format: Crad
  • Binding: Card
  • Pages: A4 Card
  • Dimensions: 21x15 cm Approx
  • Weight: 294g
  • Digital Bank:
  • Age Range (Suitable Age): 2+


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