Sunan and Adab In Light of the Qur'an and Sunnah

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Sunan and Adab In Light of the Qur'an and Sunnah

Dear Esteemed Seeker of Knowledge,

Embark on a transformative journey with "Sunan and Adab In Light of the Qur'an and Sunnah," meticulously crafted for you by The Islam Shop Ltd. As an Islamic Hanafi Scholar, Search Optimization Specialist, and Marketing Strategist, I am honored to present this comprehensive guide to virtuous living, drawing from approximately one thousand nine hundred Sunan and adab.

Navigate Life's Spectrum

From Ma'mulat to Siyasiyat This timeless masterpiece delves into the intricacies of daily routines (Ma'mulat), acts of worship (Ibadat), financial transactions (Mu'amalat), social interactions (Mu'asharat), politics, and governance (Siyasiyat). Its expansive content is meticulously structured to guide you through the diverse aspects of life in light of the Qur'an and Sunnah.

Structured for Your Convenience

The book is thoughtfully organized with a detailed Table of Contents and a Transliteration Key, ensuring easy navigation and comprehension. Dive into topics ranging from the etiquettes of sleeping, awakening, and dreams to the rights and etiquettes pertaining to Tawhid and Risalah.

Endorsements by Respected Scholars

Benefit from the wisdom endorsed by esteemed scholars such as Hazrat Mufti Khanpuri and Hazrat Mawlana Khalid Saifullah. Their commendations affirm the authenticity and reliability of the content, assuring you of the profound insights within.

A Glimpse into the Topics Covered

Explore the etiquettes of worship, from Wudu to Salah, Qiyam, and the intricacies of Jumu'ah. Delve into Mu'asharah to understand the rights of parents, maintaining family ties, and the etiquette of friendship. Uncover Mu'amalat insights, including the etiquettes of buying and selling, employing workers, and the delicate aspects of marital relations.

Persuasive Learning for Every Aspect of Life

Discover the etiquettes of leadership, governance, education, self-reformation, and more. Uncover the wisdom embedded in Islamic Fitrah, the etiquettes of sneezing, yawning, and the subtleties of giving and receiving gifts.

A Gift of Knowledge for Generations

Gift yourself or a loved one with this invaluable resource, destined to enrich your understanding of Islamic teachings and nurture a deeper connection with divine principles.

Order Now for a Profound Learning Experience

Embark on a journey towards a more enlightened and virtuous life. Order "Sunan and Adab In Light of the Qur'an and Sunnah" from The Islam Shop Ltd and embrace the wisdom that transcends generations.

May your pursuit of knowledge be blessed and transformative.


Table of Contents 

  1. Transliteration Key
  2. Endorsement By Hazrat Mufti Khanpuri
  3. Endorsement By Hazrat Mawlana Khalid Saifullah
  4. Foreword 
  5. Comments on New  Edition
  6. Editor's Note

Rights and Etiquettes Pertaining To Tawhid and Risalah

  1. Rights and Etiquettes Pertaining to Allah Ta'ala
  2. Rights and Etiquettes Pertaining to Our Noble Prophets saw

Daily Routine

  1. Etiquettes of Sleeping
  2. Etiquettes of Awakening
  3. Etiquettes of Dreams
  4. Etiquettes of Relieving Oneself
  5. Etiquettes of Ritual Bathing (ghusl)
  6. Etiquettes of Clothing 
  7. Etiquettes of Wearing a Ring
  8. Etiquettes of Applying Perfume
  9. Etiquettes of the Hair
  10. Etiquettes of Applying Oil
  11. Etiquettes of Clipping One's Nail
  12. Etiquettes of Applying Kuhl (Antimony)
  13. Etiquettes of Wearing Shoes
  14. Etiquettes of Exiting the Home
  15. Etiquettes of Entering the Home
  16. Etiquettes of Walking 
  17. Etiquettes of the Road
  18. Etiquettes of Salaam
  19. Etiquettes of Eating
  20. Etiquettes of Drinking

Ibadat (Acts of Worship)

  1. Etiquettes of Wudu (Ablution)
  2. Etiquetttes of Miswak
  3. Etiquettes of Adhan
  4. Etiquettes of Iqamah
  5. Etiquettes of Salah
    • Sunnahs of Qiyam
    • Sunnahs of Qirah
    • Sunnahs of Ruku
    • Sunnahs of Sajdah
    • Sunnahs of Qaidah
    • General Etiquetts of Salah 
    • Etiquettes of the Sutra (Barrier)
    • Etiquettes of the Imam
    • Etiquettes of Muqtadis
  6. Etiquettes of Entering the Masjid
  7. Etiquettes of the Masjid
  8. Etiquettes of Existing the Masjid
  9. Etiquettes of reciting the Qur'an Karim
  10. Etiquettes of The Quran Sharif
  11. Etiquettes of Dhikr
  12. Etiquettes of Dua 
  13. Etiquettes  of Repentance (Tawbah)
  14. Etiquettes  of Ibadah (Worship) of the Night & Tahajjud
  15. Etiquettes  of Jumu'ah
    • Etiquettes  of Friday
    • Etiquettes of Jumu'ah Salah 
    • Etiquettes  of the Khutbah ( Sermon)
  16. Etiquettes  of the two Eids
  17. Etiquettes  of Seeking Rain 
  18. Etiquettes of the time of Solar and Lunar Eclipse
  19. Etiquettes of Istikharah 
  20. Etiquettes  of Janazah (Funeral)
    • Etiquettes  Before Death 
    • Etiquettes After a Person Passes Away 
    • Etiquettes of Bathing the Deceased
    • Etiquettes Walking with the Deceased 
    • Etiquettes  of the Graveyard 
  21. Etiquettes  of Zakah and Sadaqah 
    • Etiquettes  Related to the One Giving Charity
    • Etiquettes of the Recipients of Charity 
  22. Etiquettes of the Blessed Month of Ramadhan 
  23. Etiquettes of Fasting
  24. Etiquettes  of I'tikaf
  25. Etiquettes of Hajj and Umrah 
    • General Etiquettes  of Hajj and Umrah 
    • Etiquettes  of Ihram
    • Etiquettes of Tawaf
    • Etiquettes of Sa'i 
    • Etiquettes  of Mina
    • Etiquettes  of Arafat 
    • Etiquettes  of Muzdalifah
    • Etiquettes of Pelting the Jamarat
  26. Etiquettes of Makkah Mukaarramah 
  27. Etiquettes of Madinah Munawwarah

Mu'asharah ( Social Interactions)

  1. Etiquettes  and Rights of Parents
    • Rights of the Parents whilst they are Alive
    • Rights of the Parents After their Demise
  2. Etiquettes of Maintaining Family Ties 
  3. Etiquettes and Rights of The Husband on the Wife
  4. Etiquettes and Rights of the Wife on the Husband 
  5. Etiquettes  of the Neighbour 
  6. Etiquettes  and Right of Friendship 
  7. Etiquettes  and Rights of General Muslims
  8. Etiquettes  Seeking Permission 
  9. Etiquettes  of Meeting and Shaking Hands (Musafahah)
  10. Etiquettes  Related to the Cell Phone
    • Etiquettes  of Making a Call
    • Etiquettes  of the one Receiving a Call 
    • General Etiquettes  of the Phone 
  11. Etiquettes  of Hospitality 
    • Etiquettes  Regarding the Host 
    • Etiquettes Regarding the Guest 
  12. Etiquettes  of Gathering 
  13. Etiquettes Regarding Jokes and Humour 
  14. Etiquettes  of Speech 
  15. Etiquettes  of Pertaining to Noble and Dignified People 
  16. Etiquettes  for the Wealthy 
  17. Etiquettes  of the Needy 
  18. Etiquettes  of Visiting the Sick 
  19. Etiquettes  of Ta'ziyah  (Offering of Condolences
  20. Miscellaneous Etiquettes Regarding Social Life 

Mu'amalat (Tranactions)

  1. Etiquettes of Buying and Selling
  2. Etiquettes  of Employing Workers
  3. Etiquettes  of Workers
  4. Etiquettes  of Nikah 
  5. Etiquettes of Conjugal Relations 
  6. Etiquettes of Walimah 
  7. Etiquettes of Naming Children 
  8. Etiquettes  of Raising Children and Their Rights 
  9. Etiquettes  of Divorce
  10. Etiquettes  of Loans 
    • Etiquettes of giving Loans
    • Etiquettes Taking Loans 
    • General Etiquettes  Regarding Loans 
  11. Etiquettes Pertaining to Gifts 
    • Etiquettes  for the one who is Giving  a Gift 
    • Etiquettes  for the one Who is Receiving a Gift 
  12. Etiquettes of Wills and Bequests 


  1. Etiquettes  of Leadership and Governance 
    • General v of Leadership
    • Etiquettes  the Ruler must Observe Regarding his Subjects 
  2. Etiquettes  of Subjects Regarding their Ruler 
  3. Etiquettes  of Prisoners
  4. Etiquettes  of Issuing Judgements
  5. Etiquettes  of Witnesses 


  1. Etiquettes  of the Madaris
  2. Etiquettes  of the Students 
    1. Etiquettes  Releated to Oneself as a Student 
    2. Etiquettes  with Regards to your Teacher 
  3. Etiquettes of the Teacher
    • Etiquettes  Related to Oneslf as a Teacher
    • Etiquettes  with Regard to your Student 
    • Etiquettes  Regarding the Lessons 
  4. Etiquettes  of Books 
  5. Etiquettes  of the People of the Qur'an 
  6. Etiquettes  of the Muhaddith 
  7. Etiquettes  of the Students of Hadith 
  8. Etiquettes  of a Fatwa
    • Etiquettes of a Mustafti (One who is Askinf for a Fatwa)
    • Etiquettes  of a Mufti


  1. Etiquettes  of Enjoying Good and Forbiding Evil 
  2. Etiquettes  of Da'wah and Tabligh ( Inviting and Propagating) 
  3. Etiquettes  of the Amir and his Companions
  4. Etiquettes  of Mashwarah (Consulting) 
  5. Etiquettes  of Lectures and Giving Advice 
    • Etiquettes  of the Lecturer
    • Etiquettes of the Audience 

Suluk (Self Reformation)

  1. Personal Etiquettes 
  2. Etiquettes  of Rectifying the Heart 
  3. Etiquettes  of (Bay'ah) Pledging Allegiance
  4. Etiquettes  of Anger
  5. Etiquettes at the Time of Difficulty of Affliction


  1. Etiquettes of Traveling 
  2. Etiquettes  Regarding Riding Animals
  3. Etiquettes  of Islamic Fitrah (Natural Habits)
  4. Etiquettes  of Sneezing 
  5. Etiquettes  of Yawning 
  6. Etiquettes  of Treatments and Cures
  7. Etiquettes  of Ruqyah Invocations)
  8. Etiquettes  of Slaughtering 
  9. Etiquettes  of Udhiyah / Qurbani (Sacrifice)
  10. Etiquettes  of Oaths 
  11. Bibliography 

About The Author 

Hazrat Mufti Abu Bakr Ibn Mustafa Patni (May Allah be pleased with him

As we explore the profound teachings offered by The Islam Shop Ltd, it is our privilege to introduce the esteemed author behind the enlightening content, Hazrat Mufti Abu Bakr Ibn Mustafa Patni (May Allah Be Pleased With Him). A distinguished figure in the realm of Islamic education, Hazrat Mufti Abu Bakr holds the esteemed position of senior Ustadh at the renowned Islamic University of Gujrat, known as Jami'ah Islamiyah Ta'limuddin Dabhel.

A Devoted Educator and Scholar

Hazrat Mufti Abu Bakr's extensive knowledge and dedication to Islamic scholarship are evident through his role as a senior Ustadh, where he imparts wisdom to Alim Class students. His commitment to nurturing the next generation of scholars reflects a deep passion for spreading authentic Islamic teachings to students across the world. 

Teaching at Jami'ah Islamiyah Ta'limuddin Dabhel

Situated within the vibrant halls of Jami'ah Islamiyah Ta'limuddin Dabhel, Hazrat Mufti Abu Bakr contributes to the intellectual and spiritual growth of students. The Islamic University of Gujrat is a renowned institution committed to the dissemination of Islamic knowledge, and Hazrat Mufti Abu Bakr plays a pivotal role in upholding its esteemed academic standards.

May Allah Be Pleased With Him

The honorific expression "May Allah Be Pleased With Him" is a testament to Hazrat Mufti Abu Bakr's piety, sincerity, and devotion to the path of Allah. His teachings and contributions reflect a profound understanding of Islamic principles and a commitment to the betterment of the Ummah.

Continuing the Legacy of Knowledge

Through Hazrat Mufti Abu Bakr's teachings and writings, The Islam Shop Ltd endeavors to bring forth authentic Islamic knowledge to a global audience. His invaluable insights and dedication to scholarship resonate in the content presented on our platform.

A Source of Inspiration

As we navigate the spiritual journey with The Islam Shop Ltd, we invite you to explore the teachings inspired and influenced by Hazrat Mufti Abu Bakr Ibn Mustafa Patni. May his wisdom continue to inspire and guide us on the path of knowledge and righteousness.

Explore More

Delve into the teachings and publications influenced by Hazrat Mufti Abu Bakr Ibn Mustafa Patni, available exclusively on The Islam Shop Ltd. Let the words of this esteemed scholar illuminate your understanding of Islam and enrich your spiritual journey.

Welcome to a world of enlightenment and wisdom.

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  • Translated & Annotated By: Hazrat Mufti Abu Bakr Ibn Mustafa Patni 
  • Publisher: Idaratussiddeeq Dabhel Gujarat Dabhel
  • Imprint: Idaratussiddeeq Dabhel Gujarat Dabhel
  • Publication Date: 2023
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