Sheikh Al Shuyukh Room Freshener

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Sheikh Al Shuyukh Room and Fabric Freshener

Sheikh Al Shuyukh Room and Fabric freshener is a high-quality water-based scent made with a secret blend of essential oils. Developed to effectively overcome unpleasant smell and odour. Can be used on curtains, carpets, Bed, clothes while ironing and hands after meals.

Lattafa Sheikh Al Shuyukh is the oriental fragrance which blends precious spices, the warmth of woody notes with the softness of vanilla, The fragrance has the best answer to the other clones and the perfume is for men and women. Sheikh Al Shuyukh Luxe Edition was launched in 2015.

Fragrance Notes:

  • Top Notes: agarwood (oud) and cedar
  • Heart Notes: Lavender, sage and rosemary
  • Base Notes: Vetiver and patchouli.
  • Manufacturer: Lattafa
  • Perfume Type: Room Freshener
  • ISBN: 647921101609
  • Size: 250ml




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