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The Ayat Perfumes brand was established in 2021. Since then, its aroma has been serving perfume connoisseurs across the UAE with its authentic Oriental and French fragrances. The culture of the United Arab Emirates is highly revered by Ayat Perfumes and it is an integral part of its heritage as it preserves values, and traditions and exudes elegance in abundance. It's great to know this land and understand what people need and serve them flavors that perfectly define their personality.
Ayat Perfumes are one the most luxury Arabian branded and niche perfumes in Paris. Visit our Ayat Perfumes Section store and order your favorite Arabic perfumes, and French perfumes at the best prices. The birth of Ayat Perfumes in 2021 also coincided providentially with the rebirth of the retail trend in the world driven by the sensuality of perfumes.
Ayat Perfumes decided to venture into the perfume field more than a decade ago and since then its aroma has been serving perfume connoisseurs around the world with its authentic oriental and French scents.

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