Sheikh Zayed Oud Gold

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Sheikh Zayed Oud Gold

A beautiful elegant bottle filled in an exclusive, depicting strength of this lingering scent.

Woody Earthy Leathery A rich blend of Agarwood (oudh), Cambodian Oudh, Aldehydic, Woody, Earthy and Leathery notes.

Oudh from Cambodia. Suitable for men.

Wood, a fantastic alternative which smells just like it.

Aldehydic, Leathery Notes, Jasmine, Cambodian Wood,

Earthy Notes, Musk, Agarwood


Alcohol dent, perfume, aqua, vanillin, phenylethyl, alcohol, linalool, piperonal, diethyl phthalate, hexyl salicylate, linalyl acetate, cinnamyl alcohol, ethoxy methoxy, benzoic acid, d-limonene, geraniol, benzyl acetate, aldehyde, geranyl acetate, beta-pinene, benzyl cinnamate citral.

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Additional Product Information

  • Manufacturer: Ard Al Khaleej (Mamlakt Al Oud Perfumes)
  • Country Of Manufacturer: UAE
  • ISBN: 6423080594902
  • SKU1: MO4-200100316/PD.01.2020
  • SKU 2: ED.01.2025
  • Size: 80ml
  • Volume: 2.7 Floz
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Range: Sheikh Zayed Collection


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