I Am Legend White

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I Am Legend White


I Am Legend White - soft, warm, like a velvety woody-spicy perfume, released under the brand of the famous Arab perfume house Khalis from the Sheikh Collection series.

Since the brand specializes in the production of premium perfume, each perfume produced by it is distinguished by its exceptional beauty and durability.

As it follows from the name of the perfume, the aromatic composition is built around a soft, velvety-creamy with thin spicy accents of the smell of sandalwood. Warm eastern spices give the composition a special depth and mystery of sound. Light accents of flowers and citrus resemble a playful breeze, bringing the scents of the garden to the forest. And the smoky-coniferous notes of mighty cedar, moist-earthy semitones of vetiver and warm musk with a light, slightly tarry taste of amber complete the composition with a long, flowing aromatic plume.



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