Choco Musk 300ml Air Freshener By Al Rehab (Crown Perfumes)

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Choco Musk 300ml Air Freshener By Al Rehab (Crown Perfumes)

Indulge in the Sweet Symphony of Choco Musk, a delightful 300ml Home Fragrance by Al-Rehab (Crown Perfumes), exclusively available at The Islam Shop Ltd. Satisfy your sweet cravings with this irresistible air freshener that transcends the boundaries of traditional scents, crafted by the masters of Arabian aroma.

Choco Musk Home Fragrance is not just a scent; it's a delicate dance of sweet shades that captivates the senses. The delightful aroma begins with the chic allure of white musk, falling under the spell of incomparable white chocolate. Each note in the composition complements the other, creating a harmonious blend that emphasizes without overwhelming.

As the fragrance unfolds, the middle notes gently merge, introducing spicy cinnamon, creamy vanilla, and the enchanting essence of rose. The base notes add a touch of oriental mystique, with exciting amber and myrrh weaving together with a noble sandalwood tint. The result is a sweet harmony that plays with shades of dessert-inspired perfumes in all their splendor.

Choco Musk Home Fragrance is a delicacy that transcends seasons, inviting you into a fairy-tale captivity of sweet indulgence. Whether it's the warmth of summer or the coziness of winter, let this fragrance be your year-round temptation, teasing and charming those around you.

The 300ml air freshener bottle is an elegant testament to the luxurious experience that awaits you. With its refined design, it complements the richness of the fragrance within, enhancing the overall indulgence.

Choco Musk isn't just a fragrance; it's a captivating tale of sweet temptation for your living spaces. Let it be your daily indulgence, a sensory journey into the heart of dessert-inspired luxury. Indulge in the Sweet Symphony of Choco Musk Home Fragrance – exclusively at The Islam Shop Ltd, where every scent is a celebration of sweet allure.

Experience the enchantment of Choco Musk Home Fragrance and embrace the sweet allure that defines this captivating air freshener, available now at The Islam Shop Ltd.

Flammable Do Not Directly Inhale and please do not reuse the container

Shake well before use.

Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: White Musk, Milk Chocolate, Vanilla. 
  • Middle / Heart Notes: Cinnamon, Rose, Sandalwood.
  • Base Notes: Myrrh, Amber And Spicy Notes.

Octavie Family: Choco Musk

Direction on How To Apply Air Freshener or Home Fragrance 

"To elevate the sensory experience in every corner of your home, office, or even your car, indulge in our premium air fresheners at The Islam Shop Ltd. Whether you're creating a focused atmosphere in your home office, infusing a relaxing aroma in your car, or adding a touch of romance before bedtime or during quality time with your wife, simply apply our fragrances generously and strategically. Enhance your surroundings for a delightful and personalized ambiance that suits every occasion."


Alcohol Denat, Butane, Propane, Dipropylene, Glycol, Parfum, Hexyl Cinnamal, Hydroxycitronellal, Linalool.

About The Manufacturer

Al-Rehab (Crown Perfumes)

Established in 1975, Al-Rehab has undertaken the noble responsibility of delivering high-quality perfumes, viewing the industry with both expert insight and a customer-centric approach. Their commitment is encapsulated in the slogan "Quality at affordable prices for all." Drawing on past experiences, Al-Rehab has earned a leading position in the market, with products that stand out globally and bear the assurance of quality through their distinctive logo.

As the premier perfume manufacturer in the Middle East, Al-Rehab specializes in crafting fine traditional Arabian and oriental perfumes. These fragrances are renowned for their high quality, exotic nature, long-lasting appeal, and unique feature of being alcohol-free. Embraced as one of the most sought-after perfume oil brands worldwide, Al-Rehab offers a diverse range of blends that cater to varied tastes, proving that affordability does not compromise excellence.

With an acute awareness of market needs and consumer preferences, Al-Rehab's experts ensure that their products undergo rigorous quality checks, examining compounds, design, and packaging using the latest advancements in the perfume industry. The brand takes pride in presenting a luxurious fragrance experience at an accessible price point, making it a global favorite.

Al-Rehab's commitment extends to offering a wide array of perfume oils suitable for both genders. The 6ml (.2 Ounce) roll-on vial and Eau de Parfum (EDP) options provide easy application, allowing users to immerse themselves in the enchanting scents crafted by Al-Rehab. All products proudly bear the "Manufactured in the United Arab Emirates" label, reflecting the brand's dedication to authenticity and traditional craftsmanship intrinsic to Arabian perfumery.

Experience the captivating world of Arabian scents with Al-Rehab's Crown Perfumes, available exclusively at The Islam Shop Ltd. Here, the convergence of quality and tradition ensures a fragrance experience that transcends time, inviting you to indulge in the allure and sophistication of Al-Rehab's exceptional offerings.

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