Kadayid Coated Nuts Fingered Turkish Delights

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Kadayid Coated Nuts Fingered Turkish Delights

Turkish Delight Honey Peanut Covered With Kadayif

Have you ever tried our Turkish Delight Honey Peanut Covered With Kadayif? If not, you should try it now. Turkish Delight Honey Peanut Covered With Kadayif has unique taste of Turkish desserts. Explore the original and true It is very delicious food. .You will like the kadayif , honey, and peanut. It is best for your tea time and guests.

Turkish Delights

Turkish Delights which are also known as Locum, is a confectionery treat that originated in Turkey about 500 years ago. People all around the world loved it.  Our Turkish delights are  from real fruit extracts and protein rich nuts. Our Turkish Delights are like dessert , snacks or tea time treats. It has the very jelly like texture that is a happiness to sink your teeth into. Turkish delights are lovely aromas cheer your day up. Our Turkish delights are more delicious than it looks.

The world wide famous delightful and even healthy delights will be your favorite dessert, snack and treat. Various kinds of Turkish delights you can try.

Safranbolu Turkish Delights

If you come to Safranbolu you should taste the world-famous Turkish delights. Safranbolu delight is different from the others because it is more lighter and healthier.

The hardness of water which in terms of being rich-mineral and used natural sugar distinguish to our delight. It is made various types of Turkish delight in the city; coconut, hazelnut, double blasted, saffron, gum drops and with rose. You can be sure that you will get organic and fresh.

Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Wheat Starch, Acidity Regulator, Pistachio, Turkish Shredded Wheat

Allergen Information: our nut delights may contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts.

Additional Product Information

  • Manufacturer: Meshur Safranbolu Lokumcusu & Turquoise London Ltd
  • Country of Manufacturer: Turkey
  • Weight: 300g
  • ISBN: 8697448152341KP


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