Zakariya - My Little Muslim Friends

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Zakariya - My Little Muslim Friends

Make friends with Zakariya!

My Little Muslim Friend Zakariya speaks when you press his hands. Discover Zakariya’s favourite hobbies, and hear him sing the Muslim Calendar Song, and ‘We Are the Best of Friends!

As Salaamu Alaikum, I’m Zakariya! I like going to the museum to see the dinosaurs, especially the Tyrannosaurus Rex Raaaaah. I also like riding my scooter, climbing, jumping and playing hide and seek! My favourite pudding is apple crumble and custard! Hmmm, Yummy!

Zakariya also says…

  • “What’s your name?”
  • “That’s a lovely name.”
  • “Sounds like we’re going to have a lot of fun together!”
  • “My nose tickles, Achoo, Al Hamdulillah.”
  • “I think you’re my bestest friend.”

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About Desi Dolls

Aamina and Yousuf are global citizens of the world helping children from around the world to learn about Islam.

Designed to be a fun, educational toy, these talking dolls,  recite verses from the Quran in Arabic and then translate them into English, French, Turkish and Malay. The dolls include fun, catchy songs targeted at kids between the ages of 3-6 years, to learn basic Islamic teachings. The talking dolls are a result of years of development, testing, and of course, kid interaction, to create the best product. With buttons in the hands, feet and nose of the dolls, children can press, listen,  learn and interact with the dolls.

interactive learning with the dolls stimulates the brain and builds positive emotional connections with the dolls. Eight years after being introduced to the market, Aamina and Yousuf have become firm and inseparable friends of children around the world! Bring Aamina and Yousuf into your home.

Meet My Little Muslim Friends!

Designed to encourage understanding of the Muslim faith, and show that all kids just like to have fun!

These plush dolls are 29 cm tall, and speak when you press their hands – each with fifteen different phrases! Each doll has their own character and introduces themselves, talks about their hobbies and their favourite pudding. Each doll also sings its own song.

Additional Product Information

  • ISBN: 5060194820865
  • SKU 1: 5060194820865
  • SKU 2: 24238
  • Manufacturer: Desi Doll
  • Country of Manufacture: UK


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