Wudu Mate Personal

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Wudu Mate Personal

Also known as Wudhu Mate Personal 

The WuduMate Personal is a foldable, pocket-sized 'lota' for personal washing (Istinja), ideal for use when travelling away from home (e.g. school, university, work, umrah, hajj etc.).

It holds 0.6L of water and is a hygienic, discreet and dignified alternative to bottles and cups. It folds neatly into a compact pouch, making it a 'MUST carry' in your pocket bag or car.

  • Sturdy and stable to minimise spillage
  • Improved spout for accurate pouring
  • Provided with self-sealing pouch
  • Every day essential for Muslims living in non-Muslim countries

“I don't always have a mineral water bottle to hand when I need to wash, and taking cups of water into a toilet is not always practical. The WuduMate Personal is ideal! It can be easily carried in a pocket or handbag, holds almost a litre of water which is more than the small water bottles which I normally use. After using the WuduMate Personal can be easily folded away again for use next time.”

The inventor of the WuduMate Moazzam Ali says:-

"It is the ideal solution for Muslims who want to undertake Istinja (washing of intimate areas) before performing wudu (ablution before prayer)".

"I didn't always have a mineral water bottle to hand when I wanted to wash, and taking cups of water into a toilet is not always practical, so the WuduMate is ideal. It can be easily carried in your pocket or handbag, can hold a litre of water which is far more than the small water bottles which we normally use, and after use can be easily folded away again for use next time"


Made for washing your intimate areas (Istinja) with water in public places when no other facilities are available
Wudu Mate - a very simple solution which makes complicated lives easier.
Portable, flexible, discreet & compact

In many organisations and public places, areas for praying are often provided, however, facilities for performing wudu, which is a necessity before performing any obligatory prayers are very rarely if ever available. Therefore most of us fumble along and make use of what we do have, such as cups, water bottles and even wet soggy tissues to wash our intimate areas. These alternatives are far from perfect, very messy, and inconvenient and often can be the cause of embarrassment.

Isn’t it amazing that despite the invention of the most innovative technologies nobody has managed to come up with a solution to such a common problem until now!!

Unique Features

Fits in your pocket or handbag
Drip-free pouring spout for accuracy
Sturdy handle for stability
Made from waterproof flexible material for discretion
Has its own waterproof case

How to Use

  1. Remove Wudu Mate from case
  2. Unscrew the cap and hold nozzle under tap to fill with water
  3. Fill up to maximum level (black horizontal line), make sure bottom expands by pulling on the bottom of both sides
  4. When empty fold Wudu Mate then screw cap back on

Fold by making a vertical fold along the middle of the logo, so that the nozzle is in line with handle
Fold again horizontally making sure the bottom of the Wudu Mate is now in line with the handle

Disclaimer Information

  • Do not use to drink from.
  • Do not pour boiling water into Wudu Mate: u mite burn ur parts.
  • Do not keep near sharp objects :
  • Not recommended for storing water

Product Information

  • Compact and portable, so easy to store and carry
  • Provided with self-sealing pouch
  • Sturdy and stable to minimise spillage
  • Improved spout for accurate pouring
  • Hygienic
  • Discreet
  • Dignified
  • Width - 178mm
  • Height - 215mm
  • Volume - 800ml (0.8 litre)
  • Manufacturer:  WuduMate


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