Antique Metallic Suleyman the Magnificent Hereke Turkish Prayer Rug

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 Antique Metallic Suleyman the Magnificent Hereke Turkish Prayer Rug

Elaborate Metallic and Silk Souf Tree of Life Design Hereke Turkish Prayer Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Turkish Rug, Circa Date: Mid – 20th Century – This ornate Turkish Hereke rug is an exquisite masterpiece that bares both the iconic Tree of Life design as well as the prayer rug design. It boats the rare Persian Souf Kahsan weaving technique and was woven using silk and metallic threads. This rare weaving technique creates a three dimension embossed effect which adds so much depth and intrigue.

The elegance of the long, slender shape of this magnificent Turkish prayer rug is accentuated by the central design, which depicts a tree of life design. The stunning intricacy of this opulent Turkish carpet is truly breathtaking.

There are so many details etched into the surface design of this vintage rug that one glance can hardly suffice to absorb the full beauty and artistry of the illustration. The short ends of the rug are hemmed with thin strands of alternating red and cream flowers, which are framed by a pencil-thin thread of dark brown.

The extravagant interior border, which encases the field’s imagery, displays a dense and lavish design of foliage, exotic birds and flowers.

At the base of the tree of life, the design is a little blue pond with two symmetrically facing yellow ducks. Leaves, flowers, and birds are portrayed in a slightly less dense medley to expose the light coloured background.

The sweet picturesque impression of this idyllic scene is awe-inspiring and simply breathtaking. Every image, rendering and pattern in this Turkish prayer rug works in harmony to create a vivid and tranquillizing visual and emotional effect.

This jaw-dropping metallic and silk Souf tree of life design Hereke Turkish prayer rug is a stupendous work of art. It will effortlessly add that special touch of authentic allure to any interior design space. Regardless of whether you chose to place on the floor or use it as a wall hanging tapestry rug, this is one piece that will forever be cherished and appreciated.

There is general agreement that the design of this rug has all the elements of a style that was developed at the Ottoman court.

It originated in the arts of the book and subsequently became more widely fashionable as it spread to other media during the closing years of the reign of Suleyman the Magnificent in the 1550s. Furthermore, its outstanding quality of workmanship and the confidence and clarity of its design indicate that it was most likely made for the Ottoman court. It could have been made by carpet weavers directly employed by the court in Istanbul.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer: Ihlas / Alya / The Islam Shop
  • Country of Manufacturer: Made in Turkey.
  • Approx Size 112 x 68 cm
  • Dimentions: 45.27 x 25.19"


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