Steps To Prayer AKA What's Next? (Wudhu & Salah Card Game)

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Steps To Prayer AKA What's Next? (Wudhu & Salah Card Game)

Teach Your Child How to Pray, Step by Step

Are you looking for a fun and effective way to teach your child how to pray?

With the Steps to Prayer (formerly known as 'What’s Next?'), you can teach your child how to perform the Salah in an engaging and comprehensive way. Here’s how:

  • Steps to Prayer is a step-by-step prayer sequencing game that's fun for your child to engage with and understand.
  • On each card, there is a clear picture relating to the step making it easy for visual learners to identify each step.
  • There is an explanation on the back of each card explaining how to perform the step.
  • Steps to Prayer also teaches your child how to make wudu, what to say in Salah, and prayer times.
  • The cards are made from laminated cards ensuring they are durable for long-term use.

Steps to Prayer has helped thousands of children across the globe learn how to pray in a simple way that is easy to understand. It contains 40 wonderfully illustrated cards measuring 10cm by 11cm.

To order your Steps to Prayer, click the 'Add to Cart' button above. May you and your child be of those who establish the prayer.

Additional Product Information

  • ISBN: 9781905516247
  • SKU: 21477
  • Author: Laila Mabruk
  • Publisher: Learning Roots
  • Size cm: 10cm by 11cm.
  • Pages: 40 wonderfully illustrated cards covering prayer times


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