Wudhu Socks (DexShell) Wudhu / Mozah (Muslim prayer) Socks (DS662) (Small)

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Wudhu Socks (DexShell) Wudhu / Mozah (Muslim prayer) Socks (DS662) (Small)

Introducing DexShell Wudhu Socks (DS662) - Elevate Your Daily Ablutions

Perform your daily ablutions with confidence and comfort using DexShell Wudhu Socks. Specifically designed for the Muslim prayer ritual, these socks combine functionality, durability, and style to enhance your overall experience. Crafted with precision and approved by Islamic scholars, our Wudhu Socks offer unparalleled performance.

Key Features

1. Waterproof and Breathable

The Porelle waterproof breathable membrane interlining ensures 100% waterproof protection, allowing you to perform Wudhu with peace of mind. The highly breathable material facilitates moisture and sweat transfer, preventing discomfort during prayer and daily activities.

2. Durable and Versatile

Constructed with a blend of 97% abrasion-resistant nylon, 2% elastane, and 1% elastic, these socks are built to last. The close-knitting ankle length design not only enhances durability but also allows for versatile use with both regular-sized shoes and boots. Say goodbye to the limitations of conventional leather socks.

3. Coolmax Lining for Moisture Control

Our Wudhu Socks feature a mid-weight Coolmax lining that efficiently transfers moisture, preventing blistering and enabling prolonged wear. Walk miles without worry, as these socks provide endurance and comfort, even without shoes.

4. Islamic Scholars' Approval

Tested and approved by Muslim scholars and Ulema, DexShell Wudhu Socks adhere to Islamic laws and are recognized as a reliable alternative to Khuffs in washing before prayer. Embrace a solution that combines tradition with modern comfort.

5. Stylish and Professional

The smart black finish adds a touch of versatility to our Wudhu Socks. Whether you're at work, school, or the mosque, these socks look like professional dress socks, seamlessly blending into various situations.

6. Easy Maintenance

Designed for practicality, our Wudhu Socks can be easily wiped clean for quick fixes, ensuring they remain in top-notch condition for daily use.

Choose DexShell Wudhu Socks for a seamless blend of faith and functionality. Embrace the comfort, durability, and style that these socks bring to your daily ablutions. Walk confidently, pray with ease – DexShell has you covered.

Experience the revolution in Wudhu socks – DexShell, where tradition meets innovation.

Wiping Over the Socks

What is the meaning of khuffayn (leather socks) and jawarab (socks)? 

"Khuffayn" and "jawarab" are terms used in the context of Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh) to refer to specific types of footwear or leg coverings, especially in relation to the ritual ablution (wudu) and other purification practices.

1. Khuffayn (خفين)

  • Meaning: "Khuffayn" refers to leather socks or leather foot coverings.
  • Usage in Fiqh: In Islamic tradition, wearing leather socks is recognized as a way to fulfill the requirements of wiping over the feet during ablution (wudu). This is particularly relevant for Muslims when performing daily prayers or other acts of worship that necessitate ritual purity. The use of khuffayn simplifies the process of ablution by allowing a person to wipe over the socks instead of washing the feet directly.

2. Jawarab (جَوَارَب)

  • Meaning:"Jawarab" is a general term for socks or stockings.
  • Usage in Fiqh: The term "jawarab" encompasses a broader category of foot coverings, including regular socks made from various materials such as cotton, wool, or synthetic fabrics. In the context of ablution, wiping over jawarab is not typically allowed; instead, the feet must be washed directly. Unlike khuffayn, which has specific conditions and permissions for wiping over them, regular socks do not serve the same function in Islamic purification rituals.

In summary, "khuffayn" specifically refers to leather socks or foot coverings that have certain allowances for wiping over them during ablution, while "jawarab" is a more general term for socks or stockings without the same allowances for wiping in the context of Islamic purification practices.

Ruling on Wiping Over Khuffayn and Jawarab in Hanafi Fiqh

The ruling on wiping over khuffayn (leather socks) and jawarab (regular socks) is established as a Sunnah in Hanafi Fiqh, derived from the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and supported by evidence from the Quran and Hadith.

Evidence from the Hadith

The Sunnah of wiping over khuffayn is supported by the hadith narrated by Al-Mughirah bin Shu'bah (may Allah be pleased with him), in which he stated that the Prophet (peace be upon him) made wudhu, and when Al-Mughirah moved to remove his khuffayn, the Prophet instructed him to leave them on. The Prophet clarified that his feet were in a state of purity when he wore the khuffayn, and he proceeded to wipe over them.

Evidence from the Quran

The legislative basis for wiping over the khuffayn is found in the Quran, specifically in the verse: "O you who believe, when you stand for prayer, wash your faces and hands up to the elbows, and wipe your heads and feet up to the ankles" (Quran 5:6). The term "wa arjulikum" refers to 'and your feet.' There are two valid ways of reciting this phrase – "wa arjulakum" (wash your feet) and "wa arjulikum" (wipe your feet).

Recitation Variations

  1. Reciting as 'wa arjulakum': With a fatha on the lam, linking it to 'wa wujuhakum' ('and your faces'), indicating washing the feet during ablution.
  2. Reciting as 'wa arjulikum': With a kasra on the lam, linking it to 'bi ru'usikum' ('your heads'), indicating wiping over the feet during ablution.

The choice between washing and wiping is clarified by the Sunnah. The Prophet (peace be upon him) would wash his feet when uncovered and wipe over them when covered by khuffayn.

Mutawatir Sunnah

The practice of wiping over khuffayn is a mutawatir Sunnah, meaning it is reported by a large number of people in each generation, reaching us reliably from the Prophet (peace be upon him). Imam Ahmad attests to its widespread acceptance, stating, "There is no aversion in my heart to wiping. There are forty ahadeeth with regards to it from the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) and his Companions."

This consensus and continuity in practice reinforce the legitimacy and significance of wiping over khuffayn as a Sunnah in Hanafi Fiqh.

Care Instructions for DexShell Products – Extend the Life, Enhance the Performance

At The Islam Shop Ltd, we want you to make the most of your DexShell products. Follow these care instructions to ensure their longevity and optimal performance:

For Waterproof Knitted Socks and Gloves

  • Machine wash with a maximum temperature of 40°C (104°F) using a mild process.
  • Avoid bleach to preserve the integrity of the materials.
  • Drip line drying is recommended for optimal results.
  • Tumble dry on a low setting to maintain product quality.
  • Ironing is not advised; DexShell products respond best to gentle care.
  • Refrain from dry cleaning to protect the specialized membrane.

For Waterproof Knitted Hats & Non-Knitted Products

  • Hand wash with care, using a maximum temperature of 40°C (104°F).
  • Bleach should be avoided to safeguard the unique properties of DexShell items.
  • Opt for drip line drying to preserve the shape and functionality.
  • A low tumble dry setting is suitable for maintaining the quality of the product.
  • Ironing and dry cleaning are not recommended for these specialized items.

General Care Tips

  1. DexShell products are not suitable for drying with direct heat sources such as radiators or irons. This could lead to delamination and splitting. **Keep away from direct heat during the drying process!**
  2. These technical composite products are not shoes; they are socks. Always wear them inside footwear for the best performance.
  3. Avoid puncturing the membrane, as this may compromise its waterproof capabilities. Observe the care symbols carefully to prevent damage.

Proper care ensures that DexShell products continue to serve you well, offering durable performance and extended product life. Maximize your outdoor experience with DexShell – designed to care for you longer.

About The Manufacturer

DexShell Passion for Innovation, Purpose, and Nature

At DexShell, our journey is defined by a relentless commitment to innovation, seamlessly woven into the fabric of our waterproof, breathable socks, gloves, and hats. Our passion for pushing boundaries fuels our product development and manufacturing capabilities, making innovation an integral part of the DexShell ethos from inception to the future.

Fit for Purpose

DexShell takes pride in its extensive range of technical outdoor apparel accessories meticulously designed to enhance the outdoor enthusiast's experience in challenging weather and terrains. Our functional products minimize the detrimental effects of harsh conditions, ensuring high performance and unbridled enjoyment.

Kind by Nature

Kindness extends beyond functionality for DexShell. Our ethos emphasizes using environmentally friendly materials, caring for your skin, and being gentle on nature. Awarded the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 mark, DexShell actively contributes to a greener world, remaining socially responsible and environmentally conscious.

Animal welfare is paramount; hence, DexShell sources merino wool yarns only from suppliers with the non-mulesing certificate. Beyond merino products, all DexShell items are vegan, free from animal-derived ingredients, aligning with our commitment to ethical practices.

Trust to Deliver

Investing in DexShell means reaping the benefits from day one and throughout the product's lifespan. Proven across various outdoor pursuits, our durable products continue to position DexShell at the forefront of innovation in the outdoor clothing industry.

What Sets DexShell Apart

Alongside advanced construction methods, DexShell's edge lies in groundbreaking waterproof technologies:

  1. DEXLOK® Technology
    • Our patented DEXLOK® technology ensures a 100% waterproof experience, preventing water from entering the sock and soaking in during immersion. Stay dry and warm, conquering rivers and terrains with confidence.
  2. DEXFUZE® Technology
    • Introduced in 2018, DEXFUZE® technology bonds the knit glove liner and outer glove seamlessly, offering unparalleled fit and handling dexterity. Enhance hand control and grip, providing a superior experience.
  3. DEXTRETCH™️ Technology
    • DexShell’s patented 4-way stretch lamination technology (DEXTRETCH™️) guarantees greater freedom of movement. The stretch in both warp and weft directions ensures a snug and comfortable fit, distinguishing DexShell wearers.

Performance Materials that Define DexShell

  • Porelle® Membranes: Waterproof and breathable, Porelle® membranes boast a WVP index of 15,000 g/m2.day, ensuring superior performance in challenging conditions.
  • REPREVE® Recycled Yarns: Crafted from 100% recycled materials, including plastic bottles, REPREVE® fibers champion sustainability, diverting billions of plastic bottles from landfills and oceans.
  • PrimaLoft® Insulation: With nearly 40 years of expertise, PrimaLoft® combines insulation fibers and Aerogel technology for lightweight warmth, even in wet conditions.
  • Merino® Wool: Warm, breathable, and moisture-repellent, DexShell's Merino wool is mulesing-free, ensuring comfort without compromise.
  • COOLMAX® Yarns: COOLMAX® technology's moisture management system keeps wearers cool and comfortable, offering a refreshing experience in any outdoor activity.
  • Drirelease® Technology: Engineered blend of fibers in drirelease® yarn keeps wearers dry, cool, and comfortable, with the added benefit of a wool blend without the itch.

DexShell stands apart by marrying cutting-edge technologies with premium materials, providing outdoor enthusiasts with unparalleled protection, performance, and comfort. Choose DexShell, where every product embodies our commitment to innovation, purpose, and nature.

Additional Product Information

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  • SKU 2: TIS
  • SKU 3: DS70606
  • SKU 4:
  • MPN:
  • ASIN:
  • EAN:
  • REF.NO:
  • Manufacturer: DexShell
  • Country Of Manufacturer: China
  • Clothing Type: Wudhu Socks
  • Clothing Range: Wudhu Socks / Waterproof Socks
  • Perfume Gender: Unisex
  • Dimensions:
  • Weight:
  • Size:
  • Volume: N/A
  • Unit: A Pair of Socks
  • Clothing Ideal For: Canoeing, Kayaking, Fishing, Hunting, Cycling, Hiking, Traveling long Distances and those activities where there is a need to wade in deep water'
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