Premium Tubular Ihram Pack [With Adjustable Belt]

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Premium Full Pack Ihram

Premium Lightweight & Soft Towel Ihram; Superior Unsown Cloth in the brilliant white finish; Suitable for both hot days & cold nights; 3 Great Designs In Jacquard Print; Unique TUBULAR design for easy wearing; Strong; To Last Through Tough Conditions; Flexible, To Be Comfortable Whilst Praying; Absorbent; To Help Avoid Skin Irritations & Sweating.

Luxurious quality 2-piece towelling Ihram set; specially designed in a unique tubular jacquard print style. Beautifully crafted in 77% combed cotton with highly absorbent properties for sweat & skin irritation and with 22% Polyamide for a super soft comfort to keep a cool feeling in mind! No need to wrap, easy to wear

This pack also includes a unique adjustable belt, removable pouch for valuables, a unique re-sealable carry bag &  unique large and small safety pins. 

  1. Premium Lightweight & Soft Towel Ihram
  2. Superior Unsown Cloth in brilliant white finish
  3. Suitable for both hot days & cold nights
  4. Unique TUBULAR design for easy wearing
  5. Strong; To Last Through Tough Conditions
  6. Flexible and comfortable whilst praying
  7. Absorbent; To Help Avoid Skin Irritations & Sweating
  8. Absorbent: Absorbs Sweat and prevents Skin Irritation.
  9. Poch attached to belt for Valuables
  10. Unique Large Safety Pin.
  11. Unique Adjustable Belt.

Approved By Darul Ifta Egypt

About The Manufacturer

All Things Halal / Miiam

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Additional Product Information

  • ISBN 13: 44-HAR0003
  • ISBN: 10: 44-HAR0003
  • ISBN: 44-HAR0003
  • SKU 2: 44-HAR0003
  • SKU 3: 44-HAR0003
  • SKU 4: 44-HAR0003
  • MPN: 44-HAR0003
  • ASIN: 44-HAR0003
  • EAN: 44-HAR0003
  • REF.NO: 44-HAR0003
  • Manufacturer: Al Things Halal / Miiam
  • Country Of Manufacturer: United Kingdom
  • Perfume Type: Non Perfume Ihram 
  • Bakhoor Oud Sticks Range: No Bakhoor Ihram 
  • Dimensions:
  • Weight: 000g Roughly 
  • Size:  2 Pieces of Ihram 
  • Volume: 2 Pieces of Ihram 
  • Unit: 2 Pieces of Ihram 
  • Home Incense:  Bakhoor
  • Digital Bank:


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