Vintage Hand Knotted Persian Prayer Mat

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Vintage Hand Knotted Persian Prayer Mat

Simple. Timeless. Gorgeous. Textile. With its deep rick jewel ruby-red background, light beige fringe, which has been hand knotted, there is absolutely no doubt how this classic Persian design can adapt & highlight anyone’s decor style! Made of soft cotton blended with a silk like fiber, viscose, this prayer carpet, wall art, or table rug will be the showman for your design.

A well-made vintage hand-knotted carpet can last for generations and often becomes more beautiful as the years go by. This is largely thanks to careful selection of the materials used combined with precision craftsmanship. As the colours age, the carpet develops its special charm.

But even the best carpets become worn if they are being used. This means that a lot of unique carpets risk disappearing from the market, carpets with a history, but above all a beautiful handicraft is disappearing.

Design and colour may vary from the actual Picture

Additional Product Information

  • ISBN: 8697901430290
  • SKU: 8697901430290
  • ASIN: 9699004602887
  • Manufacturer: The Islam Shop / Alya
  • Country of Manufacturer:  Persia ( Iran) Packed in Iran therefore lable will state Turkey.
  • Length:118 x 71cm



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