XL Adult Gold Ihram

This product has been discontinued.

XL Adult Gold Ihram

THIS IS 100% COTTON IHRAM (TOWEL TYPE) 2 Pieces  This Ihram is made from 100% Cotton and made to a very high quality. 

Ihram are non-stitched and well packaged with both pieces folded carefully.

The thickness of Ihram will absorb high amounts of sweat from body hence providing comfort to anyone on Hajj/Umrah.

The Ihram garments for men consists of two pieces of white sheet/towel.

Ihram is, in Islam, a sacred state which a Muslim must enter in order to perform the major pilgrimage (Hajj) or the minor pilgrimage (Umrah).

A pilgrim must enter into this state before crossing the pilgrimage boundary, known as Miqat, by performing the cleansing rituals and wearing the prescribed attire.

The simple, white Ihram clothing is intended to make everyone appear the same, as in the eyes of Allah there is no difference between a prince and a poor man!

This Ihram package has now changed. The Gold Ihram name has been changed to Premium Quality Ihram

  • Size:115 x 250cm  Aprox
  • Manufacturer: Ihlas UK
  • Weight: 1800(Gram)
  • ISBN: 869400000003


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