Louis Cardin

Over 40 years of experience in watch designing and manufacturing. Louis Cardin as a brand name is synonyms with high quality & aggressive pricing.

After extensive research for a number of years, Louis Cardin perfumes were launched in 2011. In a short space of time, it has become one of the fastest growing brands in the UAE. Through its quick acceptance and success in different markets around the world, Louis Cardin has rapidly expanded into 25 countries and growing.

Louis Cardin works on creating such unique scents which act on a subconscious level of its owner, exciting the instincts inherent in one's nature. A very interesting and unusual combination of aromas. Restoring the mental and emotional state, mental balance and harmony, toning the body and regulation of a man and woman's health. A harmonious combination of the very soft East and European luxury. A mixture of French and Oriental fragrances in the Louis Cardin range.

Louis Cardin perfumes are manufactured at ISO certified factory, under strict GMP regulations. A brand with integrity and uncompromised quality. All fragrances are from the very best perfume oil manufacturer in the world (in France).

Further products launched in the Louis Cardin range: -

  • 2013 - Deodorants
  • 2016 - Roll-ons

Face cream, body lotion, talc powder and many more products to be launched soon.

Louis Cardin perfumes: -

  1. Hand-picked Premium quality French fragrances (Class A perfumes)
  2. Outstanding packaging
  3. Affordable pricing
  4. Very long lasting (minimum longevity of 12-24 hours; majority of perfumes lasting longer)
  5. Quality as good as any mainstream brand out there. The Best Middle Eastern fragrance brand!

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