Tell Me About Islamic History

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Tell Me About Islamic History

From the 'Tell me about' Series

In Islamic history you will learn many interesting details about ten important events in the history of Islam. When and where were the first Islamic coins produced? Who was Al-Idrisi? We all know that Christopher Columbus sailed from West Europe in 1492 CE, but why is this date is important in Islamic history? This book will answer these questions and many others. You will learn why Islamic history matters and why all Muslims should actively read and treasure their rich history. Some features of the book include Succintly written material from the pages of history Prophet's sallallahu 'alyhi wasallam letter to Heraclius Many unique illustrations showing first Islamic coins, a beautiful silver dirham of the 12th Century etc. Illustrations by Luqman Nagy

  • Author: Luqman Nagy
  • Publisher: Goodword
  • Pages: 48
  • SKU 9788178982403 
  • Size cm A3
  • Weight 505(Gram)
  • Binding Hard Back


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